Killer Instinct Season 2 – Omen Trailer

The Herald of Gargos has arrived! Omen is a bonus character for Killer Instinct Season 2.

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  1. Hey what that? I hate overpower characters that come out of no where and who is that at the end? This is getting out of hand and is time to put and end to the so call best no one survives at the end

  2. I would've bought an xbox just for this game but they took the street fighter route other then the most obvious which should've been mortal kombat. Killer instinct – should have more gore, blood, and darker atmospheres, yet this shyt looks like a corny anime. 

  3. Jesus this Guy is fun to play as! I see many People hate how he is designed… I Think he looks badass!!! And the character concept is pretty good too!

    Deffinitely one of my main fighters! 😉

  4. The moment I saw the trailer for Omen, I immediately wanted to get Iller Instinct. Too bad I didn’t have an Xbox at the time. But now I do. And lemme tell ya, this character is fun to play as. 😎

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