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Hello Games On Comparing No Man's Sky To Spore

Sean Murray’s Hello Games addresses the comparisons that No Man’s Sky receives to Spore and the game’s lasting impact on people’s perception of procedural-generation.

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  1. HAHAHA liar. I saw this coming a mile off, I hope everyone learns from this and never steps onto the hype train for anything.

    Always wait a few days, never pre-order.

  2. Pressure: For some people, they thrive under it and the anxiety born from its energy is used to produce something special. Others crumble beneath its weight and become pathological liars.

  3. tbh i dont remember spore getting a negative reaction? like everyone i mention it to they liked it so thats weird that he said that

  4. Ohh if that book is written you can bet No Mans Sky will be in there.

    Just a shame it will be for all the wrong reasons.

  5. Does anyone else think Sean Murray didn't lie? I feel like people want to think they were duped because it's an "easy solution" to what happened with NMS, but if I'm being honest I don't thnk Sean lied at all. I think he was an anxious guy who didnt really know what he was doing fully but he wanted to make the best game he can. Just look at the body language on him, he doesn't come across as someone who lies. I think he had a lot of ideas during development that he wanted to implement, not realizing that not all of them were gonna be in the game, and during those interviews he just got nervous. I don't know guys, as someone with anxiety, I can see myself doing this. You have to admit, if everything just 'went wrong" with the NMS situation yet Sean was telling the truth, it still could have turned out the way it did. I came to the party late, I only ever heard about this NMS stuff like a month ago, but after watching like 20 videos about it, I really don't think Sean lied. I think he wasn't sure how it was all gonna turn out, but he still wanted to answer confidently (anxiety does this to you, trust me), then when it turned out badly he bolted out of shame (anxiety does this to you too). Was it incompetence due to anxiety? Sure. Did he outright lie? I don't think so.

  6. Both are my favorite games… Wished for long Spore could come back like NMS did. Wish Maxis had stayed "independent"… alas, EA.

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