Forza Motorsport 6 – Announcement Trailer

Forza Motorsport 6, exclusive to Xbox One, announced and all-new Ford GT cover car revealed at North American International Auto Show.

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  1. Even though I am playstation player for this gen, I enjoy playing FH on my 360, btw how's drive club? Because I keep hearing it's shit from my friend.

  2. Forza Motorsport 6 is going to be epic, imagine all the detail it would have, I hope theres that much detail as it is in the trailer and just, the music, feels so good listening to it with the all brand new ford gt, which looks absolutely beautiful no doubt, but I also have a feeling its not a muscle car, muscle car history is a big muscular V8, not a tiny ecoboost V6, and the haters are gonna be like, Eww, theres exhausts on the high back side of it, take a look at a Zonda Cinque, that has the same shit, why don't you complain about that, and also I more understand this, the damn engine is a V6 instead of a V8, I thought ford was gonna make it look like the 1960's ford gt like they did with the 2005 Ford GT, I give ford props for that V6 but man, V8's are American history, it didn't need to come to this so early in 2015.

  3. Pcars will kill Forza if Turn 10 doesn't add these:

    -Pit stops
    -Warm up laps
    -600 cars, where 300 of those will be LMP1, LMP2, GT1, GT2, nascar, formula 1, indie, formula E and rally.
    -Day and night
    -Have the option to save and finish the race later on
    -Have the option to do the 24 hours of Le Mans
    -Have a realistic racing career.
    -Be able to test drive and visit the autovista before buying the car
    -Remove car rentals in quick race
    -Add more tracks
    -Remove in-game tokens
    -Add more DLC cars
    -Make the Bugatti Veyron available in the game and not part of DLC.
    -Long career races
    -Add better music
    -Remove drivatars because people don't know how to drive
    -Add penalties for those who ram during an online event
    -Add safety car

    I'm definitely not buying a game that's just like Forza motorsport 5.

  4. Do anyone else feel while racing in Forza the game speed is slower. I mean i drove a veyron ard 200mph but i felt that i was driving way slower. Honestly all that thrill which i had for racing is gone the moment i noticed that..

  5. Im sorry yeah? Why lose the majority of players and people who buy your game? Why not release it for the ps4 aswell? You think thats gonna help? Also for the people saying that us playstation "fanboys" are angry because of a game not being released, try and be in our position and see how it is… also stating that we are butthurt shows that you are a fucking fanboy, pardon my language. Im not saying that the ps4 or the xbox one is better, i just enjoy ps4 more.

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