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Comparing Uncharted 4's Gameplay to The Last of Us

Game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann discuss their transition from the bleak world of The Last of Us to leading development on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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  1. uncharted and last of us are basically the exact same game.Mechanics are the same.The sane plot unfolding where you get to an area kill a bunch of bots then a cut scene and then continue to the other area.Zero exploration zero mystery , just a nice story.No replay value whatsoever.This types of games would struggle if they had worthy competition but the only worthy game of the last decade is witcher 3 so whatever.

  2. These were brilliant games on so many levels… though i think that AI during the shooting phases felt better and more realistic in TLOU. Maybe due to the more confined/corridor level design… Every encounter (except for the epic scripted ones) in Uncharted4 felt the same in comparison.

  3. I love the Last of us all going on world right now probably talk about relayed the Game the Last of us 2 me Too Come out This Game means ald A lot of people This Game will eat A lot of people By in This crisis

  4. I honestly can't understand people who like uncharted. I had finished The Last of Us and wanted to try something new and I knew that Uncharted was a popular Naughty Dog game, so I loaded up the first Uncharted game and immediately realized that it was a Lara Croft copy. I didn't like the aiming, but more importantly the parkour: the guy you're playing as (Nathan Drake) can jump so high up on rocks, jump down from incredible heights and still be fine. It didn't feel realistic to me. Also, in The Last of Us immediately when Sara dies you get emotions. You wanna go help them. In Uncharted when Sully died, I couldn't care less even when later it is revealed he is alive, it just doesn't have an impact on me. And I know that Uncharted has probably changed but jumps like these 9:56 don't feel realistic to me like would you be able to do that jump without breaking any fingers? The story just seemed cheesy and cliche. TLOU was superior to me. Uncharted just probably isn't a game for me.

  5. The graphic is amazing in the last of us part 2❤🌹 please Naughty dog or bruce straley remake this storyline the last of us part 2 & make joel & ellie still alive to be the best game ,story and history in the world 🌎 ❤

  6. Neil Druckmann needed Bruce Straley as a co-writer for The last of Us Part 2. I think he pulled a George Lucas move and tried to do it all on his own.

  7. I've never played Uncharted, from which should I start? Does it make sense to play only Uncharted 4?
    Regarding TLOU, I've just completed it and I've already ordered TLOU 2.

  8. Finished both. The Last Gear us is an absolute masterpiece. If you haven't played it, I can't recommend it any higher, right next to Metal Gear for me.

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