Why Do We Change Gender? Character Creation Psychology! (Part.2) – Reality Check

Reality Check takes a second journey into the psychology of character creation, focusing this time on why people play as different genders, and what impact your character could be having on your real life.

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  1. I do prefer looking at man and experience their point of view. I will also play as woman too. I do want to go through all of romances. I do enjoy both but I do seem to like man and man the best in video games over all.

  2. I play female characters in some games, because I simply like the Voice acting better. Femshep being the obvious choice, but more recently as She-V from cyberpunk.

    But that’s not why I’m here. I’ve ended up here because 6 years since this video dropping I just finished the Pyramid song quest in cyberpunk… and it’s so bizarre. I’ve found myself highly immersed in cyberpunk (I know and acknowledge its issues) but I’m a pretty hardcore role player (sleep, eat, shoot, have a day off to explore, do a few jobs each day etc). And I’ve never been so immersed or CARED about characters. Specifically Judy. That might not seem strange to some, but I’m a straight man with 3 kids and I find myself feeling anxious about the end of the game. I’m 170 hours in and barely touched the main storyline.. but goddamn I’m concerned about a character and what happens to them, and myself by the end of the journey. Never felt this feeling before.

  3. Man this logic is so flawed. Women play as women because they finally are able to experience being a leading character. But if they play a male character, they will also be the leading character. And how does that explain that way more men choose to play as the opposite gender.
    You are just speculating and your reasoning is not even sound.

    Smells like sexism in here.

  4. Women are often denied playing as women in games, even when there are multiple characters (this is getting better but still grew up with 99% male protagonists). So when we finally get the chance to play as a woman, why would we choose to go back to playing as a dude when we have been forced to do that all our lives =)

  5. I always play as a female character if posible. I have no idea why. I don't identify as my character and they are most often someone I would like to know on different levels depending on the game. Deffinetly I make a Waifu in some games, if it is a game that lends it self to that. So something like a visual novel, but not in a game like skyrim, or mass effect. Most often however just someone I would like to be friends with.

  6. I play as a female character in D&D because I leave it up to a coin toss to let the fun of it be decided by fate. If I'm letting dice decide everything then let's let the dice roll and the coins flip.

  7. Gamer: "I made a girl by accident but I kept it"

    Also the Same Gamer:
    Proceeds to give Lap Dance to Other Players

  8. I never play as female. It’s the exact reason I’ve never played a Tomb Raider game or Horizon: Zero Dawn. If those games gave the option to play as male I would though. I can’t identify as female, and don’t want to.

  9. It varies I might play as the gender with better voice acting/looks/creation variety/combat advantages. Or maybe I just wanna act like I'm the opposite sex in that game universe

  10. I think it’s due to competition: guys don’t want to benefit other guys unless they “become friends” or reflect the characteristics of the player. Could also be unconscious recognition of real world gender imbalances when playing computer games. Maybe also, women tend to be hypersexualised when their form is depicted digitally! It could also be sausage fatigue – too many males whose characters become repetitive and dull.

  11. I generally play as woman because I am a woman but also because games are more likely to have a male protagonist. Still I don’t mind playing as a man or customising my own male character because, like many men in the comments have said, I find men more attractive.

  12. I empathize a lot more with my character when it's female but I get the same vibe from monster races too, like when I play Undead in WoW, I like to imagine who they were before their transformation.

  13. I want to play as a guy because I like guys but I usually end up recreating my character as a female. My fallout 76 character has had so many gender swaps that I'm surprised the NPC's can even keep up.

  14. I usually make a version of myself to make me feel like I'm in the game. But sometimes I make a different race simply because its different. Or I make a female character that would be like a sibling I don't have

  15. I very rarely play as male when there's the female option, but after the end of a certain really good MMO storyline, the story gives you the line of "you've just saved the entire universe. you're free to do whatever you want now." Something about having that massive burden on my character of having just carried such an emotional weight, it felt like a good time to be "someone else" for a while with a gender change item. I needed to stop playing "my self" and create someone slightly set apart from me that could help me keep moving forward with a free heart

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