Total War: ROME II – Wrath of Sparta Campaign Pack Trailer

Wrath of Sparta introduces an entirely new, epic campaign expansion for Total War: ROME II focusing exclusively on the Hellenic world, plunging players into the turbulent events of the iconic Peloponnesian Wars.

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  1. Imagine if they decided to invade the whole world back in the day and decided to invade Rome, I think they would crush almost everyone in the ancient world if they really wanted to

  2. "You would see all of greece under the heel of Athenai? Cowering from them like Chided slaves? We spilled blood at Poditia and now we need Allies. The might of Sparta will hold their ambitions! All eyes look on Sparta and this is what you would have them see? From birth a Spartan is trained for one purpose TO DO BATTLE. They dare think themselves you're equal. None can match your skill. It's every Spartans duty to embody the very nature of war. Strike now I beg you!" Man that is some great writing and a hard argument to turn down.

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