The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Elder Blood Trailer – The Game Awards 2014

Check out the Elder Blood trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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  1. Why are they maniac for downgrading games? Why do they pre- render premiere trailers and afterwards they downgrade because ps4 and xone wouldn't afford those new games? This new generation is past, man.

  2. That down grade though like seriously cd project red just like the rest of them if your shiw casing a game show it fo what it will be truly on each platform its realising on and not just a high end polished pc version

  3. Is anyone else feeling this game is looking a bit downgraded? Its either that or the stupid cinematic trailers that overestimate my expectations. STOP WITH CGI TRAILERS, it only hurts your game.

  4. What excites me the most about this game?  Ciri is in it.  I'm glad they're putting more from the books into the games now.  The series just gets better and better.

  5. I Figured out who u play as in the witcher 3, its Geralt and the wild hunt 😛 the girl with the ashen hair, she was also mentioned in the witcher 2

  6. "Good morning. So, I have always been in favor of telling the truth to 
    your community as much as possible. I think this is a good opportunity 
    to give your community an inside look at what happens, so here ya go.

    We initially didn't have a new video scheduled for release at this time.
    The game team is finishing the game, Christmas is coming and January 
    & February will be very busy, so there wasn't a video scheduled to 
    be made. Then, we learned we were nominated for Most Anticipated Game at
    the VGAs (which we won. Woot!). So a decision was made to create a 
    video to show at the VGAs (whether we won or lost). The video team did a
    fantastic job getting a video put together in the time-frame they had 
    to make the show's deadline. However, it was not compressed to the 
    correct rate and did not look as good on YouTube as it does in the 
    actual game.

    After seeing concerns from fans that the game has been downgraded (which
    it ABSOLUTELY HAS NOT), the team recompressed the video and it is now 
    being uploaded to YouTube and other channels. You should be seeing the 
    new video shortly. Hopefully, it will alleviate your worries about any 
    false graphical downgrade rumors.

    – CD Projekt

  7. This is looking last gen, while the older videos looked current gen, I hope this is the console version, and the old vids are from pc.

  8. Are the graphics the only reason people play games?
    I wouldn't care if it looked like a Ps1 Game, as long as it has a good story
    Be happy your getting another witcher game and stop complaining

  9. I still have my ps3 (not gonna buy any new console untill they sort their shit), this looks like a game I could (and would) play on ps3, maybe an updated ps2.
    Matter of fact, the only reason anyone would have trouble with running the game is because of the open-world thingy, but I have a feeling it'll be less open by the time we can play

  10. I hate how people don't understand what CGI is and how it's used, every game in history with an even mediocre budget uses pre-rendered scenes to display the story not the gameplay. The people who spam about downgrading are pathetic, and more than anything ignorant.

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