The Crew – Review

The Crew has a lot of missions and environments to explore, but there are myriad issues that get in the way of its positive aspects.

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  1. To this day. I have NEVER EVER EVER felt so bored, frustrated, disconnected and disappointed from a racing game (featuring real world cars) as I have with The Crew. Worried about cars feeling like boats in that other game? Pffft! The closest thing in the real world that has any resemblance to the physics in The Crew is the first ever prototype "flying apparatus" that went on to kill or injure its pilot(s). Now imagine commandeering said 'vehicle', under 20000ft of debris filled salty ocean water.. And you have the "authentic racing action" of The Crew. FUCK YOU Ubisoft! Fuck. You. 

  2. If you paid for 10 years Old Graphics edition, Tough luck my friends you got ripped off my Ubisoft game Company.
    And only that This Crew game is in-complete package.Lots of DLCs on the way.

  3. hmm this is a fucked up review .. i bought the crew on release as i was really stoked for it and yeh it has its flaws but its not nearly as bad as he makes out another half baked review from game spot. well done guys 

  4. The crew for me was the worst racing game ive ever played. The one thing that made it unplayable for me was the handling. Never have i seen such broken and difficult handling in a game.

  5. Guys this game is a lot better now all games at launch are buggy just look at Gta v no one couldn't play online but look at it now it's a good game it happens with all games

  6. It seems like Ubisoft is bent on shitting out games without ever bothering to test them out technically. I wouldn't be surprised if they file for bankruptcy by the end of the decade.

  7. I LOVE this game. idc what anybody says. this is the Midnight Club ive been waiting for. If you remember Midnight club became a franchise by rockstar. even tho the game had lame environment graphics, there main focus was on cars as is This game. the graphics in The Crew are very decent tho, Cars are attention. Regardless im a fan of The Crew (I have a stable internet connection, maybe thats why my opinion is different from the rest)

  8. Why cant i find a good open world racing game for ps4, its not that difficult, look at forza. Im al ps but I really want forza.

  9. I don't completely agree with this review but the unpredictable physics and online only hurts. I miss the days of rush 2 usa on n64 old ass game but the fun factor car damage and physics were impressive still my fav 2day. blur is better than the crew

  10. This game is old, I've read that the games bugs have all been fixed and the game is actually playable now.. That's if anyone is still online

  11. seriously , this isnt as bad as i thought it would be and much better than what these guys say!after all i recived it for free!

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