Real Tesla vs. Fictional Tesla in The Order: 1886 – Reality Check

Cam goes back in time to investigate Nikola Tesla and how the real man’s inventions compare to those of his fictional namesake in The Order: 1886.

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  1. The FATHER of EVERYTHING ~ as Tesla is behind everything we use today… Flight, travel by road, all the communications, Lights + Satellites, Smart Phones (wireless), endless.
    ..Tesla is behind the AC & the DC as well… he MADE our MODERN World, all this technology we possess today, came out of his confiscated boxes.. HE CAPPED all the previous inventions of the age

  2. everybody knows edison (doesn't deserve a capitalization) was business man, hiring inventors and putting their inventions under his name.

  3. "Science is but a perversion of itself, if it is not used for the good of man." – Nikola Tesla. Tesla did not make weapons. He was the guy that discovered zero-point energy over a century ago (free energy). When Rockefeller found that he couldn't put a meter on Tesla's discovery, Tesla's lab mysteriously burned down. Yes, humans would be much better off currently if that energy had been released to the public. The oil industry is money and power. You know where this is going. On top of looking really bland and boring, this game is obvious propaganda in many ways. It's not uncommon as propaganda permeates most video games today. 

  4. anyone reading this dont halt progress for greed. if you get into a possition of power please let progress happen. dont be like thomas eddison and the elite. we could of had wireless and free electricity if they had only let tesla do his work.

  5. Tesla in real life is probably more fictional than in the game. Truth can be stranger than fiction, in reality Tesla could build more advanced weaponry than that shown in this game. Just look at the U.S. HAARP technology, Tesla's particle beam weapon, his real life arc-weapon, & advanced reaction-less propulsion.

  6. I know it might be a weird question but where're you from? Your accent sounds like Scotland, but I also heard something similar from a Canadian. Haha I'm just curious 🙂

  7. He wasn't really american, he lived and worked there, but not for long
    He was Serbian-Croatian-Austro Hungarian (a little bit)

  8. He was of Croatian as well as Serbian descent, with noble Croatian ancestry. He was born and early educated in Croatia. He didn't invent AC, but he perfected it and invented new ways to use it. He had more than 700 inventions, but didn't have time, nor money, to patent them. Most of his inventions Tesla didn't see as something worth patenting, but in fact they were. Most significant Tesla's designs and inventions would take complete shape in his mind first, as he often described, and then he would put them on paper. He was a genius and the story about the Death Ray could have very well not been far from truth.

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