Lord of the Hunt DLC Trailer – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Take a look at this trailer which showcases the content of the Lord of the Hunt DLC for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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  1. Is it just me or some orcsi in the trailer have new pieces of armour? some of the armor i can't remember seeing it in the original game i haven't play it in a while but… are those armours new? that's what catch my attention from this trailer the rest i don't care but i care for diversity

  2. I can't believe this DLC is separated from the main story. I meant if you want to ride those beast, you have to go back to MENU and go to Lord of the hunt and play the game there to get those awesome beast.

  3. U know the next dlc should be that we are an Orc,costimize him, form his strength and weaknesses, rise through the ranks, control our own leagen, and soon face talion. What do think of that dlc😄

  4. Beat this dlc enjoyed the lord of the hunt now just waiting for the new dlc that's coming out in 2015 BTW go see the new Hobbit battle of the five armies good movie.

  5. What the heck is this? So you tell me this is one of their "big" DLCs? The game is stellar, but this is NOT what I expected at all. When is that Bright Lord DLC coming along anyway? I hope that DLC will have some length to it at least… because it seems to me as if this Lord Of The Hunt DLC is just gameplay based – no story at all, or at least minimal story.
    Basically it boils down to: reset the Nemesis system to bring in new warchiefs and captains, spawn a few more beasts with different skins (or not, I dunno), a new ability for Talion's sword (I'm only 9 hours into the game, I don't know if I'll unlock something like that fire-sword later) and a new skin for Talion. Yay.

    No, seriously. This is not worthy of being one of two big parts of a 25 dollar season pass. I know that in theory it's three parts, this, the Bright Lord DLC and all the other small crap like skins and what have you, but this is still not satisfying at all.

    I'll hold off until I see footage of the Bright Lord DLC (is that even how it's called? anyway, the Celebrimbor DLC) and then I'll decide.

  6. This game totally kicks ass, I however wish someone would put out a game based in the Silmirillion. Fuck Sauron, Morgoth makes him look like a bitch. Imagine fighting Balrogs yeah nerd boner right there lol.  

  7. fortunately I bought "Shadow of Mordor Game of The Year Edition" I have both DLC I'm currently playing that and it's freaking awesome but hard as shit

  8. I also actually execute them all with battle hardened finisher, but the ghul keeper doesn’t have a unique quote like the rest of the dlc warchiefs, what’s up with that?

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