Life is Strange – Trailer

Things go a bit wibbly wobbly timey wimey in this trailer for Life is Strange.

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  1. it's been 7 years and to this day I still don't understand how someone made the connection that Life is Strange = "Gone Home meets The Walking Dead"

  2. This and erased(the anime) have the same plot.. evil teacher abducting students time traveling student goes back to save girl their inlove with

  3. Ughh so much nostalgia. I remember watched it in 2015 after college class. The fact the character also in college life makes me feels related.

  4. Just finished this game. I did not know why I started it. But thank God. This is something I don't think I will forget or experience ever. I waited for a relationship between max and Chloe but game was never about it. ? Thanks blue butterfly. Thinking of playing other parts too…

  5. I finished the game for one last time of December 2021. I’m now on life is strange 2 but taking time considering how close I was to the original first characters which is hard to move on tbh

  6. 7 years ago this game saved my life from multiple attempted suicides, feeling so alone, bullied, and alienated by my school and town for the fact that I was being sexually abused by a neighbor people in the town wouldnt believe me (until 2018) so it came to a point where I thought if they woulnt believe me neither would my parents which wasnt true my judgement had been clouded by the hate others gave and what I longed for was a friend like Chloe or Max and even if they arnt physically real they will always live in My heart

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