How Uncharted 4 was Influenced by The Last of Us – PlayStation Experience Impressions

Justin and Danny explore how Uncharted 4’s fluid combat system allows players more options than ever to both engage in fights, and avoid them.

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  1. This is one of the main reasons I might end up getting a PS4 later on in its life cycle. Playstation exclusives are too good to pass on and you only realize that once you've experienced them. You can look at gameplay videos and think "yeah I already know how this goes. it's not all that" but trust and believe that you have to play the game to understand the magic.

  2. I want to know why non PlayStation fans commenting on stuff they don't play or like. This PlayStation experience. I only care about fan opinions. They must secretly love PlayStation but afraid to say…lol. Its really sad they have no friends.

  3. I've never played Uncharted because I had a 360 for the past 7 or so years. So I'm pumped to get to play Uncharted 4, now that I have a PS4. I hope Naughty Dog expect there to be people like me, who have picked up a Playstation and are looking to get this game, and they put in some kind of feature that lets you catch up with the story so far throughout the series, whether it be a series of diary entries or a short video, I dunno. I also followed development and release on The Last of Us (which is fucking awesome) but I was disappointed to see that ND left out a lot of the combat features and dumbed down the level of AI intelligence in the final release, from what was shown at E3 (2012 I think?) I just hope they don't do the same to this game because the combat looks amazing! 

  4. I'm actually incredible impressed. I wasn't really all that interested in seeing Uncharted 4 but it really looks like they've improved the franchise since the 3rd installment. I like the idea of the enemies in the game acting more human and trying harder this time round to take you down.

  5. This is so fucking stupid of course they will have similarities if it's done by the same damn team. I don't even understand how all these fucking "gaming journalists" have jobs.

  6. This will be the game that I will buy a PS4 for. I have the X1 and have been thinking about buying the PS4 for a while now but this is the first good exclusive and I want to play it so much. 

  7. Tomb Raider clone. They even added the wall climbing too and crawling through caves. It doesn't even look graphically better than Tomb Raider. Looks good for one playthrough though. Might be a renter.

  8. At least the bullets look like they hurt this time. I couldn't even finish UC 3  because everybody was so bullet spongy, including myself

  9. I have played so my games throughout my life and I'm not afraid to call TLOU the best game ever made… up to date. From storyline to multiplayer the game is fucking crazy and anyone that disagrees is probably an xbone fan and they're just jealous their gayass console doesn't have dope games.

  10. Dear Naughty Dog
    After finishing this (hopefully) awesome game and earning lots and lots of money from your fans, go to Activision´s office, buy back the rights for Crash, and make Crash 4.

  11. This makes everything that I've see from the bone looks like crap. The PS4 is S U P E R I O R in every way and da boneheads just need to deal with it. LOL

  12. I will be playing this for years to come. Sony just keeps making masterpiece after masterpiece. No wonder Sony has rule the vudeo game industry since the PlayStation era in the late 90s.

  13. Omg are you serious!! Halo!!! You people are so stupid!!! Halo is a xbox exclusive just like uncharted and the last of us is for playstation!!!! Stick to your halo idiot!!! I played halo and it doesn't have anything on uncharted!!! Or the last of us!!

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