Heists Trailer – Grand Theft Auto V

Heists are coming to Los Santos with a Grand Theft Auto Online update in 2015.

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  1. I wanna see how they are going to fit this much shit on last gen if they didn't even fixed the fucking lists with more then 8 services, or lobby that should hold 16 players. SHOULD

  2. For all you people who are saying "I can't believe it took them this long for a trailer." Get it in your head that they were waiting for the next gen version to come out, that's why it took this long. There was a lot they had to do in order to get this ready, a lot.

  3. Am I the only one who is really excited for these new vehicles? I mean like there's heists? That's cool. I don't play GTA online that much but come on, that Hydra plane, new heli, and armoured vehicles look sweet. Hope they're in singleplayer

  4. cant stop rewatching this trailer, it has everything in it. the music is awesome, the images are breathtaking, the amount of detail these coop heist missions will have is really jawdropping, and it looks a shitload of fun. i never played gta v, but i cant wait for it to come out for PC with the heists and everything. also i d like to grab this chance and thank every console player to beta test the game for the complete, refined, fine-tuned version of the game (sorry, i couldnt resist not to tell you a joke of this kind) 

  5. Guys you are getting free shit.. Okay they did take long but they want to release something good. Other companies are ripping you off.. So be grateful..

  6. I respect rockstar for taking their time on this. It gave us free DLC's other games they would empty our pockets. This is rockstars thankyou gift for being cooperative and allowing them to take their time to bring out awesome gameplay

  7. This game that i dreamed of. Really, playing online doing missions together, own your own properties. stealing cars, coke, helicopters, gas tanker  and more with online partners. The most difficult Heist was Robbing a Bank with your partners. Thats the real game! thats how online games should be. Thumbs up R*, im EA fan but you R* captured me.

  8. How to convince hardcore pro lifers that abortions are a good thing? Well thats super easy, just get them to play a single heist with randoms. I don't care what people say about communication, there's no way you're going to convince me that with all the online guides and lets plays out there people are still that stupid that they don't know how to do heists without talking. I had one guy celebrate a rather long and surprisingly successful prison break by firing of a couple of rockets… Right into the velium…

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