GTA Violence: A Matter of Perspective – The Point

With GTA V kicking up more controversy, Danny explores the ways in which first person mode has impacted the relationship between players and Grand Theft Auto’s virtual worlds.

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  1. Ban books then and wolf creek, chopper etc. anyways gta5 is a dumbed down gta clearly a corporate takeover has happened and rockstar is now being controlled in a manner wich is harming the gta franchise. san andreas is much better fun game, gta5 is boring its like fun is not allowed, you cant even grab someone, gta 5 is a game with the gameplay reduced.

  2. It's a game! Nuff said. I've played some of the most violent games out there: Gears Of War, Mortal Kombat, Call Of Duty… and I've never once imagined picking up a real assault rifle and shooting anyone. In fact, I can't even get into COD, being military, because it's unrealistic to be shot multiple times. Anyone who is so effected by shooting digital folks, they're tempted to reenact it in real life, doesn't need to be playing games. Period. 

  3. first person view do not change the fact that you control the character in the game. if you feel uncomfortable because you think it is too real and not able to tell the difference between real world and stimulation, you should never play violent game ever.

  4. I never thought just the change in perspective could have such huge impact on how real it feels. Violence in GTA never felt anything serious to me, it always seemed comical. But somehow the same actions in First Person mode doesn't seem that way. Maybe the superior animation quality to it's predecessors is one of the reasons for that. Overall it just seems to be delivering a completely new type of experience. 

  5. Wow, I was uncomfortable just WATCHING GTA V in first person just now. It really does give you a sense of remorse when you remove the character model. Skyrim, Bioshock, Dishonored; no problems hacking and blasting through the worlds (they are fantasy worlds though), but man… I'm just gonna go on bike rides and practice yoga in GTA V from now on! D:

  6. can someone explain why the game Hatred received so much.. well Hate? Is it because players won't have a choice of doing good things in that game unlike GTA5?

  7. so… now you feel guilt because you control a buch of code lines to triger and change the state of some data objects in a digital application… seems legit.

  8. I agree though. Its because GTA V is so open and can bring you to feel so close to the game world, that it allows you to try things you would never actually do, and see how it makes you feel, its actually very interesting to have a game that can do that. Personally it does make me feel uncomfortable doing a lot of those things. its kinda hard to play for me.
    I never had a problem playing GTA Vice City and GTA III though, they felt more cartoony and cheasey.
    Maybe I'm just "soft", or like to immerse myself in the game to much. I don't know.
    I'm not saying GTA is a bad game at all.

  9. I mean, the game does not just give you a gun or a melee weapon just for murdering other innocent people in cold blood. I feel like it's just the type of person who's playing the game because they choose to be a psychopath or not.

  10. I've spent ALLOT of time trying to run over as many people as possible in die hard 3 in the taxi on the ps1 and going round in circles in gta4 around a fountain doing the same thing. No guilt here just amusement. It's a game and gta5 wasn't the first.

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