English Language Trailer – Final Fantasy XV

Take a listen to the English voice actors you’ll be venturing through Final Fantasy XV with.

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  1. So just a car full of meat heads… That's the game?… I think Squeenix made the mistake of listening to western complaints. 13 was a great theme, 12 was, 10 was… this?… It's not Final Fantasy at all 🙁

  2. This is what i saw from the game, a failed xenoblade chronicles world with 4 gay characters in a convertible through most of it's world, and the battle system just looks like the last story style, which will either work or fail.

    This game doesn't look that great. It could be good but when i imagine everything together i see a game that doesn't deliver.

  3. Square Enix needs to hire someone who actually knows how to write a script that isn't chock full of J-Pop mellow drama and convoluted plot points and a director who actually relies on subtlety to convey emotions rather than having the character talk about how sad they are because their hairstylist didn't make their hair emo enough.

  4. does anyone know the name of the song that is playing throughout the trailer called? it starts at 1:06, sorta reminds me of the melodies of Kingdom Hearts 😀

  5. This has to be a large change to move from the original "Strategic Gameplay" that the Final Fantasy series had started with. And FF XV looks really promising with the new gameplay, reminds me of Kingdom Hearts. Hope it'll fulfill my expectations.

  6. Look at all these weirdos saying they want Japanese with English subtitles. They clearly can't understand Japanese if they want the subtitles. Only anime nerds would rather read subtitles over actually listening to their own language.

  7. Is the games story just going to be these guys driving along in their car town to town, because that's all I'm seeing in the recent trailers. I prefer the look of the original trailers back when it was still called versus 13. It seemed like back then it was more dark and gothic, and was centered around the relationship of Noctis and Stella and the Romeo and Juliet storyline the game was based on. Now it looks like it's about Noctis getting to Stella rather than him already being with her. I'll still get the game but my hopes for it have decreased. 

  8. After the way that you hurt me with FF13, I'm just not ready to trust you again yet, Final Fantasy. No matter how great your hair is.

  9. Mixed opinions about the voice acting, but still looking forward for the dub. If you read the subs you might miss out on those gorgeous visuals I mean Damn! 

  10. OK, so from the gazing at the moon and saying it won't be much longer… can I put a crazy guess out there and say Luna and Noctis will be love interests? Now I'm wondering how Stella plays into this story. I can't wait until this game is released!

  11. would of been nice if they would lose the car gig and ride a chokabo. they should of added a female character to the active roster list. see all guys just doesn't cut it.

  12. I honestly love the voices, its true to the art form. If the voice acting wasn't exaggerated and dramatic it would be lame. It's a Japanese game and is meant to be played with its original audio, and the English dubs signify that.

  13. I'm wondering who actually Luna is. People says she's Stella but I don't think it's true. She looks too different to me.

  14. I don't think I'll like this game , I mean I'm used to play Final Fantasy With a girl in my team , Like I loved the idea how they gave girls A Major role , or they'll just make this girl to be badass

  15. I like how the comments are all avout sub vs dub instead of game play or if we will end up with a linear map, or a terrible story. Priorities right?

  16. I think Square Enix is finally making up for the last couple of years, with the 7 remake and this, everything is kinda coming back together.

  17. At the end, when Noctis is staring up at the moon, I believe he's thinking about a certain someone…
    (LUNAfreya….get it? :P)

  18. I never played FF games before, but this one really catches my attention. Love Noctis character design out of all the FF main guys I've seen, I can't wait for this game to be released!!

  19. I hope there are some female characters you get to fight alongside with in this game. All male cast seems somewhat of wrong. I mean in the past Final Fantasy has some kickass female characters why is this any different.

  20. I never played Final Fantasy before. But I'm gonna play this and the remake for sure. And please don't tell me to buy or play emulators of the others! So many people want me to do that whenever I comment about it anywhere! Lol. But I'd love to stream me playing all the games on a great journey. That'd be an awesome thing to do.

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