Elite Dangerous Has So Much Science It will Blow Your Mind! – Reality Check

Cam chats with Elite: Dangerous co-writer David Braben about the crazy, detailed science of this epic space sim. It will probably blow your mind!

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  1. I would like to know more of the science of the game, since there's very little meaningful gameplay, especially when everything you do to power play and BGS can be undone by unseen agents in private play, I have instead spent a lot more time exploring the science and grounding aspects of the game, even taking to writing and Tabletop RPG's to further enjoy the game.

    I've been working on the possible future sceicnes behind the hybrid plasma/liquid fuel propulsion engines, a possible explanation of speed limits in normal space other than video game logic such as orbital stability, G-force control etc. The fantasy science of Frame shift such as creating a similar amount of energy that a Blackhole could make to distort the gravity of nearby gravitational bodies and shift between them at a relative velocity of many times the speed of light but a local velocity not much higher than a few hundred KM/s

    Been looking into the science of shields that can absorb energy attacks simply through EM interaction and emitting plasma through magnetic containment to at least disrupt explosives though kinetic would still be an issue. Been looking into the science of atmospheric flight in space wedge ships, into SRV, into EVA, into all manner of things that are implied or included in Elite but not always do-able from a gaming standpoint.

    I've loved this game for so long because just like the Expanse, it's a believable and compelling setting, unlike space fantasy like say, Star Wars, Star Citizen or No Man's sky which are great games in their own right but don't have a grounded reality to them and thus don't fall under my tastes. Please, bring up the rest of the interview.

  2. Love the game but I wish they would have implemented realistic stars that would cause you to have advanced filtering systems in order to look at them. If you don't have it engaged before dropping out of warp, you are fried and blind.. and dead.

  3. I come to this video, because I’m really mad. I though your game is real. Luring player to assume control ships as drone, building space stations for Frontier. I think Mar is green and year 3300 is now.
    So this video does help me out of these black hole. Thanks.

  4. I am exploring now. I love this game and have been playing it non stop for nearly a year now. My gamer tag on xbox is :echosong 413 if anyone wants to hop on Elite.

  5. As an Elite Dangerous player I must say your video is far too short. If I was DB and you took up 2 hours of my time to created just a few seconds of footage I'd be upset to say the least. You explained no science at all behind the game. Very disappointed with you and your channel. You put no effort in at all. What a waste of time.

  6. I don't like how the computer limits your speed even with flight assists off. It's kinda strange to have a speed limitation in space when realistically you should be able to accelerate to any sub-luminal speed given enough time…. I personally just assume the speed limit is built into the flight computers taking relative distance to the nearest large body into account. It would be pretty cool though if the game also takes gravitational trajectories within a system into account. I know that level of detail in the same level as Kerbal Storage Program would be kinda lost in a universe with FTL travel within a system but imagine running low on fuel and having to park yourself in a stable orbit with whatever remaining delta V you have or imagine asking the fuel rats for priority assistance because you didn't have enough fuel to park in a stable orbit and you are falling rapidly into a gas giant.

  7. Half the video about mind-blowing science, was about how unrealistic the science of traveling faster than the speed of light is.
    And they still managed to not really explain what the theoretical science behind it really was, because it's quite interesting!

  8. Space Science Nerds: Ummm, there seems to be a lack of SCIENCE TALK in this Video, Heck even the functions of fictional ships could spark several hours of debate and if the game map is truly is a 1 to 1 scale model of our Milky Way then there's probably tons of rediscovering to be done if the devs team science and math is even 000000000.1% correct.

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