Dying Light – Story Trailer

Take a look at this trailer for Dying Light to get a sneak peek into the storyline of Techland’s open-world, action survival game.

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  1. You see this cool and awesome scenes and moments in the trailer?
    Yeah they are all true… TechLand is the second CDRP for me. Highly suggest this game hours of fun gameplay, free contents and an amazing dlc

  2. "Until now I always felt a stranger in this town, and that you people were no concern of mine. But after I've seen what I have seen, I understand that I belong here whether I want it or not. This is everybody's business."

  3. The quote from Camus is more apropos than you may think. Dying Light is at it’s heart an Absurdist tale.
    Crane takes a job, not really knowing the details, just following along blindly. When confronted with reality, he finds it horrific and chaotic, the essence of the Absurd. When faced with the prospect of him and everyone he comes to care about dying, he rebels. He rebels against his employers, he rebels against Rais, he rebels against reality itself, as uncaring and deadly as it is, finding his own path, even if it leads to his demise.
    Also, in an interesting inversion of the classic hero story, Crane’s mentor is actually the villain. While Rais is having him run around as his errand boy, he continually tells him to find his own path, to not act in “bad faith”, mistaking himself for the job.

  4. I swear to god I got literal goose bumps during the ending scene of the game. Yeah the fight with Rais wasn’t what people expect from a boss fight but I liked it because you don’t need to make a stupidly hard boss fight for a game with such an extraordinary story

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