Dying Light – Intro Trailer

Take a look at the intro cinematic for Dying Light to get a glimpse of the events that set the game’s dramatic storyline in motion.

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  1. -The eyes of the world have been glued to the city of Harran for the past two months following the outbreak of a previously unknown pathogen.

    -It is not yet clear what has caused this gruesome affliction. The local government’s Ministry of Defense erected a quarantine wall shortly after the outbreak.

    -The Global Relief Effort’s steady stream of supply drops has sustained what few survivors still remain in the city. The Ministry of Defense believes more radical action should be taken to stem the tide of this virus.

    -The question is, are there still non-infected survivors as the GRE maintains, and if so, will the ministry still go through with the state of plan to annihilate the city in an attempt to wipe out the Harran virus once and for all?

    -Whether by way of the virus, or by the ministry’s proposed plan, one thing is certain.

    Harran’s days are numbered..

  2. While not particularly spectacular, this opening sequence does one thing right: Exposition. By framing gruesome visuals with foreboding news forecasts, the player gets a sense of dissonance as to the situation in the city of Harran. Right away it is clear that there is a disconnect between the governing bodies of the world and the city, as there are clearly things happening within the city that are invisible to the media. From an animation standpoint, points of interest are designated by color and contrast. Smooth camera movements guide us around each tense scene. Words are superimposed over bleak monochrome buildings, adding too the motif of hidden visceral struggle within the game. A+

  3. Can’t believe this game is 5 years old , When I beat it I felt so achieved because this game used to really scare me especially during the night runs. Time flies , I’ll never forget this game & this intro music …

  4. A couple of months ago I heard a Doctor saying this opening intro on the radio in my community, in my mind I thought that was weird and eery, I forgot the date when this happened I just remembered this now

  5. One moment I’m waiting for dying light to come out, and then playing it throughout middle school, and next thing I know I’m about to graduate high school.

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