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Creating No Man's Sky's Infinite Soundtrack

Members of 65daysofstatic and the No Man’s Sky team at Hello Games talk about their approach to the procedurally-generated soundtrack of their upcoming space epic.

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  1. I love how these guys from this tiny studio in Guildford have basically cropped up against all the odds and just showed how bland and unimaginative the AAA gaming industry really is. I genuinely think they'll pull this off.

  2. is sean the most humble guy ever, or just a guy faking supreme humbleness? i think he truely is pretty worthless and bad. his work is always a bummer to him, and never quite ready to be called finished.

  3. wow and its almoooost here!!!!!! but i do think iconic games always had music that hit you… i still remeber the first time i saw halo 1 trailer before it was taken over by microsoft. and that soundtrack realy got me .. I was like woha i want to play this game.. .mirrors edge. mass effect and a lot of the older games had great music too… and star citizen seems to have quite a few good once in its list.. lets wait and see what awesome stuff comes out this year!

  4. i love the people involved in making this game, but more than that, the fans who already get it, it makes me happy to read what people who love this game think and feel about it. its so weird o..O

    Hell, that sounds more difficult than procedurally generated worlds in some aspects!

  6. yup.. i'm now a fan of 65daysofstatic.. their sound seems perfect for this game and if they do the audio as well as the trailers are setting up.. that could be the final piece… i just love sean's passion for this game and i'm gonna be that guy..

    this game could change humans if it lives up to the hype.. it could give the masses a sense of what most astronauts feel the first time they see earth from orbit. pure awe and realization of our minuscule size and impact on the greater world and why we need to just be better to each other.. that guy..

    Joon is very soon! 🙂

  7. the game is personal to them and not just a mainstream product, I'm so glad there exploring the scope of emotions and not just an explosion every 15 seconds.

  8. Very much like 65Days, very much like HG – great combination – so great to see two indi teams enthusing together, working together, fused together into something… …maybe very… …special… …pure alchemy!

  9. It's amazing how honest everything about this sounds. honest and passionate. If only whole world was like this. We dont need 100 games a year, we dont need 50 blockbusters, 4 videos daily on youtube. We dont need CONTENT (well, that's what they're feeding us, because they and we think we want it so they can make money) We need honesty and passion. I'd very much prefer if there were 2 games a year with this attitude than lots and lots of games just redesigned.

  10. I usually listen to my own music when I play games like Minecraft, Destiny, CoD, Halo, Overwatch, Elder Scrolls, or Fallout. Those are some very different games , but they all fall into a space where I don't feel I have to listen to the music. After watching this, I think I'll listen to No Man Sky's music, and I'm sure I'll be happy with it!

  11. I still reckon the most amazing use of music I've ever seen in a game is in Red dead redemption, when you first ride into mexico, and this music kicks in that kind of sounds a bit like Neil Young (But it isnt and I dont know who it is) and its just kind of reflective and trippy and its such a moment. Whoever came up with that idea of pairing THAT song with THAT moment is a god amongst men, in my view

  12. I had NMS sitting on a bunch of other games for months. I picked it up recently and got so hooked I'm already 160 hours in. I moved to Hesperius and exploring the hell out of it. Used to have a base with Living Glass farm but it made me stay in one place so I sold it all and teleported to Galactic Core in Hesperius. Jump away from new galaxy. So cool

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