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70 Rapid-Fire Questions About No Man's Sky

Game Informer senior editor Jeff Cork quizzes founder of Hello Games Sean Murray on exactly what No Man’s Sky is and what players can do and can’t do in the final game.

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  1. Yeah very hard hitting questions lol
    Fuck him for lying and fuck you for not digging depper when you should have

  2. Notice how majority of the things he said yes to are now true, and most of the things he said no to are now true. He was doing something stupid lying then, But if he was doing this interview again, I think i’d like to see it.

  3. Holy shit. He actually answers "yes" to "are you uncomfortable?". I thought Crowbcat edited it to make it look like he did.

  4. Q: "Can you ride a Dinosaur?"
    A: "No."

    Q: "Can you own more than one spaceship?"
    A: "No."

    Q:: "Can you build a space station?"
    A: "No."

    Q: "Will there be NPC characters?"
    A: "No."

    Q: "Can you build Shelters?"
    A: "No."

    Q: "Will the game be fun?"
    A: "Yes."

    4 years later
    All of these things are now true

  5. I feel pity for him during this interview. We can clearly see that he is hesitating to lie at each sensitive question and wouldn’t want to give any more details because he knows already that the game will not live up to its expectations at release. Glad he didn’t abandoned nor made dumb choices to improve the game till now.

  6. 2021: To everyone one complaining back then, I'll say it for Sean cuz he's too much of a nice guy… "what about now? Sc*ms"

  7. What people dont understand is that sean didnt lie they meant to release the things he said but they didnt had time to make everything so they released the game and then they are adding the things in the updates they literaly got death threads

  8. 6 Years Later… I just realized the interviewer said "Can you release the game now" Sean responded "Nobody would want that" :O Also, the game is pretty great now, Sean and his team did the impossible!

  9. There is alot of yes instead of no now, but there are still stuff they said would be in a game there never could around a pretty badly developed concept, equals a game that still even being developed over so many more years still feels like crap

    Just pick up Osiris: New Dawn if you want a way more fleshed out version of this game, minus as many aliens

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