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Test Chamber – Grand Theft Auto V's First-Person Mode

The Game Informer team checks out some of the new features in this GTA V current-gen release.

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  1. sweet sniping reiner…the second time…second trainer….I'm tempted to get this for ps4 but I don't think I will…maybe on ps plus…

  2. this still makes me hate ps4 even more. ill never get one. anywho, they should do this on ps3 even tho they honeslty just messed up gta putting stuff in 3rd person so soon. they could have waited for 6. also saw the shark, i never seen a shark on gta. was it part of a update? 

  3. Why are they constantly saying "language"? It's a fucking GTA game, what do you expect? Jesus, don't play mature games if you can't take swear words. And how is murdering thousands of people okay but swearing, not? 

    Oh, and they suck at the game. 

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