Tales from the Borderlands – World Premier Trailer

Take your first look from the actual series of Tales from the Borderlands in this world premiere trailer.

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  1. When I First heard about this i was like…Borderlands? Meh ..why would telltale waste their time with this…

  2. borderlands 1 story is shit, game itself is pretty boring too. Borderlands 2 really picked it up along with Tales from borderlands by Telltale which was fucking awesome, I swear guys from Telltale can turn any story into masterpiece. Just like it was with Walking dead in my opinion, TV series is fucking horrible and booooring, its a far cry from what Telltale guys did with the story

  3. Just finished this game on Wednesday December 6th, for the free games for gold and I'll tell you this, it's such a good game, if you don't have it GET IT

  4. Rip TaleTell you've made someone of the best games I've seen and played one of which was Tales from the borderlands, thank you for these masterpieces ?

  5. You Telltale Games are interactive movies you dont use the control that much or keyboard. The only reason why i still want to play this is because it's Borderlands

  6. Masterpiece. I cried and laugh in same time. Characters is too much close to my heart. When I close to ending, I feel empty and sad, because I know is end of one of the greatest adventure.

  7. Just beat this game! I liked it so much I bought borderlands handsome collection!

    I never got into FPS games, but figure I’ll give it a try and so far I’m liking it. Better late than never!

    It’s now my second favorite telltale games too bad they’re no more.

  8. It’s so unfair that this game got blitzed just because of crappy telltale. At least release it elsewhere so borderlands fans can play it

  9. If we they can do a TWAU 2, then here I'm just hoping we'll somehow get a TFTB 2 as well. I've replayed this game multiple times and I never get bored of it! Here's hoping.

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