Reality Check – What Are We Hiding? Character Creation Psychology! (Part.1) – Reality Check

Cam explores the psychology of why we make the characters that we do, and what these decisions reveal about ourselves.

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  1. I most usually tank up my characters, regardless of gender, and either make the face ridicolous or somewhat good looking, with scars, more often than not. Often the eyes are something evil-ish. This is no matter how I choose to play, for example, Skyrim, since I often blend my player styles. I usually start up with a character with abilities like a tank and then choose to sneak around, for the joy of the hunt.

  2. I have very little beard growth due to genetic reasons so i always play dwarves. The are also the race i can best relate to. I like their shattering honesty, iron sense of honour and grumpiness. Attributes i sometimes also discover in myself. +beer of course

  3. I Always end up with an ugly 35/40 year old man with battle scars on his face, but has a heart of gold.
    in skyrim i have 2 kids and i pretty much refused all the deadric princes.
    exept meridia, but i refused to spread her relligion and i refused to use dawnbreaker. 
    It just sits on display in my house in whiterun.

  4. as far as naming goes, I am in love with warcraft names, and adopted the style. The first name is almost random, fantasy-like gibberish, like Gulron or whatever, but I try not to mismatch them with races, I wont be an elf called Gnarxcor, that just sounds wrong. The last names have ties with the class itself, or the nature of its power, what it represents. Runes of Magic, warden/mage Swiftthorn, as mage uses wind, wind is swift, and warden skills are nature based. Druid/rogue: Darksoil, as druid uses earth spells, but this combo is dark damage based.

  5. I personally like to create very out of the box characters, like my dark souls character of an old retired knight with skin stained light blue from overdose of colidal silver cureall

    or (thanks to mods) my peter pan like child character in skyrim with a bum arm

  6. If I'm given the option to make a giant dragon lady with horns, I'm going to take it.

    I'm going to be me for the rest of my life.  Why not take the opportunity to temporarily be someone else if given the chance?

  7. Going for a woman is a good idea for guys! This based on the fact that when you bump into random people online who are guys, that moment where they wonder if your really a girl or not is the moment you shoot them! job done.

  8. It's so right though. I always tend to go for creating an idealized version of me, but not too much. Enhance some features etc. It really helps the immersion too, I tend to lose interest in playing if I don't have that type of connection with my character in an RPG.

  9. I always make a female version of what I like to be irl, bland and bored as hell.  Does this mean that I'm fooling myself?  That I really do believe I have personality, and that I don't like letting it out?  What about the fact that if I'm ever given an option, I refuse to play as a male, even though I am one?  No, it's not so that I can gawk at the model I made.  It couldn't be that, because I know for a fact that I don't gawk at bland models that I personalized.

  10. This is interesting – For my first DA:I playthrough, I made a character who is very unlike me in pretty much every physical way possible (except for his gender – I did decide to play as a dude this time around). I have found myself not engaging with the story as much as I had in previous Dragon Age titles. I thought it was the game, but maybe there's a subconscious disconnect between me and my Inquisitor. 

    Good stuff to think about. Thanks, Reality Check!

  11. i generally create female protagonists, not because im a perv, but when i do create a male i give him my good qualities and make them better, cheekbones, jawline and eyes, and then i give him the sirliest moustache available.

  12. Ok So i know this is old….and Sorry for the Necro but this is from 2014 and he claims that DA Inq has one of the best Char creation engines out there…..Dude do yourself a favor and look at EVE Online. BlackDesert Online or shit Aion for that matter. 

    Oh and I play female chars on 3rd person RPGs because I don't like looking at a dudes ass while I run around in a Fantasy game.

  13. I have never created a char even similar to me, because I try to make the char look matching to his/her charactersistics. Is he a dwarven rogue who doesn't give sh** about any one or anything? Is she an elven apostate who's overwhelmed and paniced by what happens to the world and her? Or a tough fighter who does what needs to be done to save those he/she loves?

  14. Now that I think about it, I usually create a female character in games where I don't expect to be very invested in the story. But if I do plan on following the story, I make a male character.

  15. i always try to make a character that looks average. or maybe make it look like something is off about him. i dont know why but it makes me attach to the character sooner that way. maybe because he looks unique

  16. I don't try to make my characters look like me at all. First, I select the class based on how I want to play, then I think about all the characters I've created while writing stories, and pick one that would most resemble that class. Then, I choose the character's appearance based on what I imagined them to look like (usually fairly attractive, though, since I will be looking at them the whole game).

  17. Guys who do girls: Sexploration. You have a population of adolescent boys who are "curious".
    Anything else is just idealization or wish fulfillment. It's simple psychology.

  18. When I make my first character in a game, I usually follow a set of traits that I find desirable: dark brown hair, green eyes, a bit of facial hair for males, etc. I may only possess a handful of traits that I like to use, while the other aspects are things I kinda wish I had. However, in recent years I have reached that point where I make more female starters than male. I think it's just that I may find the female I made to just look better aesthetically. Even then, she still has traits like green eyes and brown hair. Even when my character is far from me, it still represents me in a way.

  19. lol who needs that connectivity bullshit, i could play as aliens for all i care, its got nothing to do with immersion whatsoever

    if anything trying to put yourself into a game only makes the experience worse because there are no story driven games were you can actually play as your own character, even minecraft has its own story, its just a waste of effort, your best bet is not to connect the character to you, but to the setting

  20. i used to make characters that were pretty different from me, like different gender, and recently i've gotten more into making myself but like ginger…. not sure what that says :')

  21. I majority of the time tend to create black men because I am a black man, and growing up majority of the video game characters were either white males, or asians. Of course I had nothing against those two groups, I can easily name characters from each of those groups that I feel in love with, but I tend to find it hard to relate to some of those characters majority of the time. I easily imagine I was watching a movie of someone's else story, and usually majority of the black male characters roles, are easily bad sterotypes. I can at least imagine as playing as myself and relating to the character much more.

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