Real Time Global Illumination – What Is It And Is It Possible on PS4 & XONE? – Reality Check

Cam charges into the world of lighting tech this week and tries to wrap his head around Global Illumination. Fortunately he gets help from developers at Unity, Epic and Massive Entertainment.

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  1. to clarify: enlighten(Unity's solution) works via precomputed look up tables. this means it already knows what every surface can see/cast onto ahead of time. this allows lighting to update in real time while also making it very, very cheap. cheap enough they ran it on an Ipad at 30fps. with physically based shading as well. i can vouch that its actually really cheap and effective as I've used the solution a lot myself. you can also see this solution in BF3, BF4, BF Hardline, Dragon Age Inquisition, Need for Speed Rivals and quite a few others. it could be run on xbox 360 and ps3. now that we have stronger machines even more awesome stuff can be done with the system. this can be either upping the quality(more samples, more bounces, etc…),  or through adding other effects such as screen space color bleed to allow contact bounce lighting and improve visual detail. I've also tried unreal's solution and while its completely dynamic it is limited to a small area, is very expensive to calculate and has light leaking issues(light leaking through walls and such). havn't seen much about snowdrop's implementation.

  2. You do know that this is available in minecraft. Sonic Ether made a shader with it but its only exclusive and you have to visit the "minecraft shaders" facebook page and pm them. Its fucking awesome seriously. Go try and how much fos you get. With a 980 you get 100 in 1440p

  3. Frozen took 30h to render one frame? So you're implying that the 102min long movie took over 3000 days to render? like 8 years?

  4. I love how developers flat out say it's no problem and yet you still get PC elitist kids saying it's not possible. Because you're a professional game developer right? No. You sit behind your PC all day whining about how horrible consoles are. Yet you encourage people to build gaming PCs that are even weaker than the PS4 just because it's PC. Yet that's not holding PC back? So idiotic. People just want to feel like they're better than others in any way they can. And PC elitists are so pathetic, their PC hardware is the only thing that could ever be better than someone else's. Proud owner of a mid-high end PC and PS4 here. You know what they call that? A GAMER.

  5. ehm 2 things

    -4000 computers, 30 hours to render 1 frame? how many computers did they need to render all the shit then? you would have less then 350 frames in a year with 4000 computers O.o

    -real time looks awesome on good gaming pc's, why does it then take to render shit so long?

  6. I really doubt that each frame of Frozen took 30 hours to render. That's 30 days per second if rendered at 24 FPS, which pretty much all movies are. Frozen is 102 minutes long. That's 6120 seconds, meaning Frozen would take 93600 days to render, or 256 years to be precise.

    Obviously they didn't use 4000 computers, but rather many supercomputers that can render the entire movie within a couple of months.

  7. LOL. Sooo may people acting like they know what they are talking about. Real-time global illumination is already here, just at lower quality. Back when crysis 2 came out, crytek used light propagation volumes for their GI, and it was used on both the PC AND console versions, except the console version was lower quality. Now, nvidia has VXGI, and Crytek is working on the newest version of GI called SVOTI or sparse voxel octree total illumination. (As of cryengine 3.8.1).

  8. I would like to see an interactive environment, where the polygon count is low enough to enable 'perfect' global illumination. Another important feature is skinning. A stylized graphics, where neither feature has any noticeable flaws, would be amazing!

  9. Haha, yea no. It's not. It's not possible on a non supercomputer either, because we'd have to simulate close to 2-5 million discrete units of light, calculating how these blend together, and how they reflect, refract, etc. No game uses global illumination, and none are planned at this point. And sure, the consoles could run dynamic GI, but maybe at 5-10 fps, at 480 p upscaled…

  10. Seems a lot of people missed what Global Illumination actually is. It's general name for all methods and algorithms that models/fakes the behavior of indirect lighting. Doesn't matter if it's static or dynamic, looks like crap or looks photorealistic, realtime or offline, it's all called GI. So yes, consoles can do GI, because they've already been doing it for years. It may not be on par with path tracing and look completely garbage, but it still falls under the name Global Illumination.

  11. Funny how The division do not have dynamic global illumination. So much for promises made by developers. Its still a beautiful game though.

  12. Reality Check: AAA developers can give you more realistic real time rendering, but does this mean they will make you a good game?; the "power and importance of global illumination" is that it raises the surface aesthetics of AAA games, which in turn gives the surface appearance of greater artistic merit giving pride to an industry and its work that in general have a ways to go to earn its merit, but it seems not before they makes money from you with unhackneyed spectacle.

    On the bright side at least gaming journalists present opinion they think generous and responsible, and that they care to give thought of us on the way to publishing their work with genuine regard to care and respect of the thing that brings us together…

  13. lies lies iles. the pc is not able to do real time GI at the time. why would consoles be able to do it? and why is the dude from the division lying. he is lying because that sort of lighting is not even in the game yet. bullshit everywhere

  14. Theres no way a 2TFLOP? console can handle real time true global illumination. Even Voxel based GI which is a cheaper approximation of the real thing, could not be ran on the XONE or PS4.

  15. it could be computed in the cloud probably, but is the internet connection in the average persons home fast and stable enough to pull off cloud computing in a fast paced game…. i doubt it.

  16. I think ray tracing will be possible in the 9th or 10th generation of consoles. Naughty Dog tried to fake ray tracing with baked light maps in uncharted 4 and the results look amazing but the lighting is pretty static. Someday we'll be able to achieve dynamic ray tracing in real time. We're making great progress towards this goal already.

  17. G.I is used in almost all gameplay trailers that's why they look way better but they are worst than NVIDIA hairworks iin performance.

  18. …a lot of memory. 8Gb of RAM is a lot now, guys! Not to mention around 5-6 gigs go to games and other 3-2 gigs are tasked with holding the entire console together. So we end up with a total of 5-6Gb. You're right, a fuckton of RAM. Sometimes I wonder if console players think that everything is working because of some sorcery.

  19. This is wierd to watch when we're almost at the next, next gen if you know what I mean. And also now that we have ray tracing

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