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Just Cause 3 Coverage Trailer – Game Informer

A trailer for Game Informer’s month of exlcusive coverage on Just Cause 3 from Avalanche Studios that can be found at

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  1. I enjoyed play JC2 and there is some things I really wanted to see in JC3 back in the days I played JC2. That was having your own house with garage where you can store your vehicles. I hated for example how unrealistic parachuting was,I mean you jump open your parachute,close it and then open it again and then again close it…. You could do that hundreds of times during single jump which was sth I hated. I hoped to see for example C-130 plane with your own pilot so you can use C-130 whenever you want and parachute from it with vehicles and so on. I also hoped that there will be wildlife and other than wildlife a nightlife,so you can do more stuff in city and not just destroy everything. I also hoped that we could have some "secret places" like your own base in a mountain or underwater bases. Other thing I hated in JC2 was when I was chased by army or police,as soon as I entered aircraft and took off they would stop chasing me so there wasnt any dogfights.. I hope to see at least one of my ideas in JC3

  2. Just Cause is really the perfect "sandbox" 3rd person open world game. Destructible environments but not so overdone as to seem outrageous or improbable. Somewhat unrealistic but fun driving, flying, and boating mechanics on a multitude of terrain that actively changes the way you travel other than just the normal steep incline. A lively word filled with NPCs that during its time was on par with all other AAA titles. Variable enemy mission scenarios with almost zero carrier missions. Believable storyline ala James Bond, but with the same amount of thrill as say Saints Row without the overblown cooky comedy. A non vehicular travel system that incorporates self propulsion through grappling hooks and parachutes that blends perfectly together in both urban and rural environments incorporating three dimensional paths for mission completion. Finally, to top it all off, a restricted use but ingenious vehicle delivery system available anywhere that somehow doesn't feel like cheating…

    I don't like to get my hopes up for anything, but it's damn near impossible to see how these devs could screw this jext iteration up.

  3. There's not many games that you can play (especially the main game) for years on end. I played Just Cause 2 For over a year atleast.. This is going to be the best damn game hands down.

    I know there will be more awesome games, but this one holds a special place in my heart! Can't wait!

  4. So I was playing jc2 and I have a critic. When the player is falling, he dies when he touches anything, it feels fake. Like when you base jumping and touch the side of the mountain and simply dies.
    Instead of killing him if he is too fast, what about using the contact resolution linear impulse response (change in vel after contact), makes more sense. Now I know that it seems unrealistic to not kill someone free falling and touching the mountain, but here is my great idea: Apply a huge angular vel on the player, make he spins just like for the vehicles, and while he is spinning too fast make the player unresponsive, so he cant open the parachute. Thats way better. Plus, insert a new mechanic, while the player is spinning, allow him to fight the spining by pressing a button quickly, feeling a bar or something, trying to save himself. That would be cool.

  5. So Rico is back and now instead of fighting dwarf hitler he's fighting some guy that by the looks of the statues looks like Augusto Pinochet….THIS GAME IS GONNA BE AWESOME

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