How to Build A Real Game World – Reality Check

Cam travels to Paris and chats to the team behind Assassin’s Creed Unity to find out how they went about re-creating revolutionary Paris.

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  1. Israel was the birth place of jesus Christ.. Not France.. What world do you live in… And it dont matter if you didnt study history.. You'd wanna be living under a rock not to know where jesus Christ was born,,,

  2. Ingame transactions.. You pay 60-100euro for this game.. And then they expect you to pay real money in the in game shop too.. What a rip off.. The mini-transactions where locked off to the reviewers so I dont know what the prices are

  3. So basically, you didn't tell us anything at all about building a real game world, it was just an interview with some of the creators of AC:Unity . You didn't even showed us some geomethric constructing in 3ds max, maya , or sculpting  from the actual 3D enviroment artists and architectural plans of them . You just mumbled something about the process , nothing concrete, nothing useful at all as the actual title advertised "How to Build A Real Game World – Reality Check" . Very dissapointing gamespot, very dissapointing, I am unsubscribing,from the channel not that any of you guys care .

  4. Yurp for its issues, it still is a game that tried/tries really hard to offer allot. Allot more then some other games or developers do. 

    That well it not always works right is a problem yes. But it is there.. and it looks good. 

  5. My step dad lived in Paris for couple years he is blown away and he is teaching the language to. It does have problems but some news needs updates some don't. Making videos take along time to make and I am not talking about indie games.

  6. Question, do different engines run better on pc? For example I can run Battlefield 4 on ultra on my pc, and everyone knows how photorealistic that game can be. But when playing say… Assassins creed 4, a game that while beautiful, doesnt look as good, it doesnt run as smoothly. I was wondering if engine has something to do with this?

  7. Even with its bugs, you've got to applaud Ubisoft for churning the AC games out so fast, and making them look so beautiful. I'm studying Game Art Design at University and I've learned how much work goes into making one small insignificant building, and they're making 1:1 scale landmarks with breathtaking interiors! I'm amazed. I can only dream of being able to work on a game like this one day!

  8. Since you guys started this path, I do hope you guys talk about procedurally generated maps. I'm more interested on how mojang's minecraft generates maps. I know there's a lot of sources talking about it but i'm just don't have the time to read those stuff…(lazy 😛 ) 

  9. To say that this game was bad simply because of graphical glitches, disregarding efforts in story, to environment, with a few new mechanics and a new engine, is disingenuous.

    It is better to support ambition that often will fail in some regards, than to regress into stagnation and being stuck in a loop of reliability and stability, of more of the same. 

    Although, the best outcome would be slow, but steady, manageable progress. The problem of which would be that not everyone has the time to wait for the resulting benefits of this slower process.

  10. Is it so wrong that I love ACU so much? Is it so wrong that I thought The Crew and WatchDogs was amazing games? Ubisoft are obviously trying to do something new to give out to players.

  11. I like how the French guy in the red checkered shirt so maturely and casually mentioned sex without smiling or trying to make an immature joke about it. (No offense gamespot guy).

  12. Come on GameSpot, naming a video to be of informative nature and not telling people that it's actually just part of a promotion program for a game. Sure it's in the description, but we all know Youtube doesn't let us see descriptions on videos till we click it.

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