Halloween in Skyrim! – Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Seb and Cam dress Zombie VanNord in a Scream mask to hunt the headless horseman! On their spooky adventures they encounter screaming skeletons and living mannequins, and follow the trail of undeath!

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  1. We wish you a scary Halloween! We wish you a scary Halloween! We wish you a scary Halloween and a lot of candy!

    Hmm, a new tradition? Halloween caroling?

  2. Is anyone able and willing to tell me what the console command is that lets you move your character and the camera separately like they did at 18:56? Thanks… :I

  3. Okay the headless horseman was disappointing… The one in the vanilla game was better they should have just expanded that. Although despite the contorted face scream was funny.

  4. 10:00 I subscribed to the mod on Steam and after I relaunched Skyrim and went to the location of where the Farm House should've been, it wasn't their. And I have tried unsubscribing to other mods, so that this is the only one I'm subscribed to but even then the Farm House is still not their. Can somebody help me.

  5. Seeing the picture in the beginning with the giant chicken made out randomly placed chunks of disproportionate landmasses, which spoke about an 'argument' makes me think that the argument must have completely pointless.

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