Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Steam Trailer

Take a look at this trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 which will be releasing for Steam on December 11.

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  1. I'm still waiting for my graphics options from the 1st XIII and your just going to shit out another poor port before fixing the last one?  

  2. I hope the port is going to be better then the last one… No joke when 13 was released on PC the frame rate was going nuts and made the cutscenes go much faster and resolution was weird

  3. The sequel to final hallway 13 will be release on PC. I can't wait to get attached to the wooden planks of characters in this direct sequel. Nah just kidding, like hell I'd waste my money on this.

  4. Wanna turn my sabertooth cat into a video game character

    I have tons of epic footage from all angles i need a 3d cgi artist to use all my stuff for Disney or someone that wants the best model out there

    Would make a great app

  5. I got this game and FFXIII for 5 dollars at game exchange.
    And Nintendo is selling Oracle of Ages I believe for around $6? Along with other very old games.
    People be crazy.

  6. I heard the previous FF that came to PC was terrible in terms of control and other features. People keep saying it was one of the worst port to PC ever made and the developers didn't care to fix the bugs. Gamers had to rely on modders to come up with an unofficial patch to fix them. Can anyone confirm this? If its true then I won't buy this.

  7. Look, if we have to suffer through these titles to get FFXV then so be it. Now why in the balls as a business move would they put three of the worse Final Fantasy games on PC is beyond me. They should have just given us Final Fantasy X, tossed in some Kingdom Hearts, and made FFXV and we'd be happy. Of course HD's of the older ones like III,IV,V,ect. (Personally my favorite is VIII & X.)


  8. best game of the trilogy, I actually have some really fond memories of this game. It was really the perfect balance between story and gameplay (for a final fantasy XIII game).
    XIII's story was great, but the gameplay was trash, and Lighting Returns' gameplay was awesome, but the story is even beyond trash.
    I would actually recommend this game to anyone who enjoys jrpgs to any extent.

  9. Let me just say Final Fantasy 13-2 is probably one of my favorites in the whole series from what I played and I can never really see why this game got so much hate and the soundtrack is just phenomenal my words will never do this games soundtrack justice you just have to experience this one for yourself as its one of the best in the series c:

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