Far Cry 4 – 101 Trailer

Far Cry 4 has almost arrived! Get the lowdown on everything from picturesque Kyrat to the weapons you’ll be shooting up the place with.

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  1. Y'all are funny as hell, crying about how bad Unity and Watchdogs were and saying because of those games Far Cry 4 will be awful, well let me tell y'all something: Ubisoft has multiple development teams, the team or teams that worked on Watchdogs and Unity are not the same as the guys that built Far Cry 3 and have now built Far Cry 4. You wanna know if you should get Far Cry 4? the only question you should ask yourself is did you enjoy Far Cry 3??? If you did then get Far Cry 4, if you didnt then don't get it, it's as simple as that.
    I thought Far Cry 3 was the best game I played in 2012 so I'm gonna get Far Cry 4 regardless of my opinions on Watch Dogs and AC Unity which aren't all negative. I haven't finished AC Unity yet but so far, I'm enjoying the game, sure the AC series still cant hit the heights it did with AC2 and maybe it never will but Unity, on its own, still has a lot to offer. I will admit though, watch dogs was a disappointment in every way aside from the stealth and shooting mechanics. 

  2. FarCry 4 not only has the biggest weapons roster up to date, also the most badass weapons.
    For example there's a double barrel shotgun were you feed 50 cal rounds into.

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