Dragon Age: Inquisition – Review

With the entertaining and thematically rich Inquisition, the Dragon Age series returns to its former glory.

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  1. Just bought this game and I hate the graphics, they're almost cancerous. The fighting is also really bad. You literally hold down a button and it does everything for you….Also the character creator leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. Bought destiny 2 to try and enjoy what I once did for Destiny 1… but it is just depressing. This game is on sale for $10, and thus after being 2 minutes into this video, I bought it.

  3. Still deciding which rpg on my backlog games I'll be playing next.. I have this on goty edition, the witcher 3 goty, Diablo 3, Shadow of Mordor goty, MGS V and FF15. I honestly get bored easily hence the only rpg game I beat that took me hundred of hours was Persona 5.

  4. God I miss Kevin VanOrd. Gamespot seemed so much more professional during his tenure. And back then the staff did not constantly say "like, "sorta" and other filler language all the time.

  5. the movement system is adoped from mass effect and that turned me off from the game right away and that made me very sad. why did they have to change it? Dragon age Origins and Dragon age 2's movement system were perfect. they ruined it and so, I never managed to complete this game, despite really wanting to. I just coudn't bare playing this game because of it's awful movement system. The moment system REQUIRES you to use both keyboard and mouse, you cannot play with just one of them and being one handed, made that really hard for me. Also, the fact that when I pressed A and D on the keyboard, the character turned around on screen and the camera didn't move, unlike Dragon age origins and dragon age 2 and I absolutely hated that. So it doesn't matter how good the game is, I can't enjoy it with this moment system. Bioware made a huge mistake here.

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