Building the Ultimate mATX SLI PC with Intel's 5960X and Nvidia's GTX 980 – GameTech

Got $4000 to blow an the ultimate gaming PC? Join us as we cram cutting edge PC hardware like an 5960X Haswell-E processor and SLI GTX 980s into a mATX chassis.

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  1. I have a question: will that 750w corsair psu suffice for the build? I have the same psu and currently considering sli the system with 2 gtx 980( i currently have one). my cpu is i7 5820k

  2. how big is the clearing for GPUs with the h100i installed? whats the max length a GPU can be? will a 690 fit with the h100i? its 11 inches

  3. To me when you have a system that is 4,000 dollars and has issues with games at 45FPS tells me something is seriously wrong.  Either the video card company is holding back or the game developers are coding shi##y.  It is unacceptable either way in my eyes.

  4. LOL a bunch of stupid ass console gamers here, what the fuck are they doing? You guys are poor as fuck, nobody gives a hell about you.

  5. the only thing i dont like about it is how close together the graphics cards are but i guess thats just the comprimise you have to make when going mATX

  6. I doubt I will get an answer to this considering the video is a year old but I'll give it a shot anyways.

    I'm considering getting this case but my main concern is heat. I'm planning dual 980 Ti's but I'm concerned lack of airflow and a 240mm radiator in the front will cause issues. I plan on getting reference cards because of the blower style cooling.

  7. Please show how to build. I'm using the same case and water cooler. But lower end specs. i5. One GTX 970. 1 SSD. I might add a hard drive for storage. I got a CX750M PSU – bronze 80. Not sure if the PSU is too much, but it's what they had locally. (B&H sold me an out of stock PSU. All my parts arrived, and I had to get a refund since that one hadn't even been sent out yet. I ended up getting my PSU from Best Buy.)

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