Beat Far Cry 4 in Under 15 Minutes *SPOILERS*

We found an alternate ending in Far Cry 4 and show you exactly how to access it.

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  1. Instead of this being an alternate ending they could have made this an alternate way to play, being on Pagan Mins side.

  2. For all those complaining about speedrunning, fallout 1 had an ending you could get in less time, and everyone in the speedrunning community acknowledged it as not a real ending, just like this ending.

  3. this reminds me of the intro to Golden Sun on GBA, when you are about to leave the village to start your journey they ask you if you are able to do this task, if you tell them no then the game ends. the intro takes around an hour or a little less to complete but golden sun can be gameover in around an hour

  4. Woah, now that I think about it, the first mission doesn't really tell the player to look around or to snoop around the place for anything. Pagan Min says "stay right here" but there was no hint from the game as to what we were supposed to do. A very clever ending. 

  5. see if only you could wipe out the golden path and all the fanitics follow an alternate story campaign would be great all other endings end with the same amount of evil would more fun to go rambo on amita and sabal

  6. too easy i beat the game in 15 minutes and i dont mind re play this game cuz i m pissed farcry 3 doesnt work and even then i dont want waste my time play the fourth game without playing the third this is the perfect way for fell realized because i beat the game and i m gonna play another one and yeah i beat the game in 15 minutes BECAUSE ITS A ENDING NOT A JOKE THAT MEANS ITS VALID PLAYING IN THIS WAY

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