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Batman: Arkham Knight – Ace Chemicals Infiltration (Part 1)

Batman: Arkham Knight – Ace Chemicals Infiltration (Part 1)

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  1. Ahh, the good ol' youtube comments. Where you can always count on seeing plenty of threads whining about graphics and framerate from the most spoiled generation of gamers.
    Just finished replaying the the original Arkham Asylum, and this game looks INCREDIBLE.

  2. everyone concerned about graphics: I understand the pain of seeing your $500 console not performing up to par with PC, but thats just the way this shit goes. I personally have the PS4 and a laptop that can barely run minecraft, but im still pissing myself over this game because holy hell guys, THIS IS BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT, THIS IS BATMAN THE BEST HE'S EVER BEEN, ROCKSTEADY IS BACK, CONROY IS BACK, THE BATMOBILE IS HERE, AN UNRESTRICTED GOTHAM IS HERE, FUCKING RED HOOD AND HARLEY QUINN CHALLENGE MAPS, IMPROVED COMBAT, NEW CHARACTERS, A BETTER GORDON/BATMAN RELATIONSHIP, SCARECROW, and please guys the game is beautiful, and the gameplay will be even better. Theres simply no need to get all riled up because it "could look better"

  3. this is great the graph is nice but… when i see right u push 2button and watch 30sec interaction and again and again.. this is an interactive moovie not a game..

  4. PC gaming at its finest<3 Lets just hope that this one doesn't get restrained by those damn peasants… I've had enough with great games turning to shit because of these utter garbage consoles. I want gaming to return to how it was; GOOD! So please, devs, just forget about the consoles and just focus on PC, like what CIG are doing with Star Citizen and look at how incredible that's going to be!

  5. Gettin' real tired of your bullshit Rocksteady there is nothing about this game that couldn't be done on the Wii U and the more trailers released the more obvious that becomes to everyone except morons with their heads so far up Sony and Microsoft's asses that they actually believe that the claims are true.

  6. I hope they dont pull a WB Montreal and show us amazing gameplay, and give us a redo of the last game, with slightly-ish better graphics, a city that looks uglier than what they shows us here, and a predictable story….Nah I trust Rocksteady

  7. consols? what ? According to NVIDIA, Batman: Arkham Knight will support Turbulence, Environmental PhysX, Volumetric Lights, FaceWorks and Rain Effects. Project CARS on the other hand will come with DX11, Turbulence, PhysX Particles, and Enhanced 4K support.

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