Assassin's Creed: The Story So Far – In 2 Minutes

Plug into the animus with us as Lucy runs through the whole of Assassin’s Creed, from crusade capers to shanking shenanigans.

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  1. Ya she's pretty and all, but the forced meme references reminded me that she's just another chick, making money off nerd girl worship. getting real sick of your shit fake nerd girls.

  2. Wow,so in AC you're actually the bad guy, or well, the guy manipulated by the templar to find pieces of eden they've gonna use to establish their world order.

  3. You didn't really go in depth about the story of each individual assassin…. not very a story because you just went into the background…

  4. I don't know why but that intense assassin feeling has fizzled out since the first creed game. I personally didn't like Assassin's Creed 2 (never finished it.) I also never really liked any of the many Ezio games that came after; never even played them.

    It wasn't until Assassin's Creed 3 that I played another creed game. The game was very good due to the intense story, but it just didn't have the same feel in terms of stealth and what not.

    I hope in the future Ubisoft really gives the player the option of how they want to tackle assassinations. Bring back the spark.

  5. I wonder, how do you get into the settings menu? I can't find it here
    presses Menu and sees the Settings option
    Oh wait, that's still too difficult.

  6. Does anyone else feel like the story is extremely far fetched? Like they should have just ended it after revelations. The story feels completely fucked right now, is the game even about assassin's vs templars anymore? I'm so lost T_T

  7. Sorry for being that guy but at 2:40 when she says Desmond uses the apple and accidentally releases Juno she is wrong. The machine is called the eye and it was used so that it would leave clues around the earth warning the human race of the solar flare that would wipe out most of mankind. But she did not activate it as Juno altered it meaning when activated Juno would be set free. When Desmond arrived at the eye both Juno and the person who created the eye (sorry forgot her name. And both people are interactive holograms) the other person (let's call her cam) explains that Juno altered the eye so when activated Juno would be released. But Juno explained that if the eye was not activated, then most of the earth would be wiped out and Desmond would lead the human race into loving kind nature and be loved by everyone and he would teach the world peace, but by the time he dies, his teachings would be corrupted by certain people, leading the world into chaos

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