5 Broken Games That Launched Anyway – The Gist

Major games have been launching with massive technical issues lately, so we’re taking a look back at some of gaming’s most broken games.

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  1. To BF4's credit, although I will never forget the horrible launch, it's probably the best fixed game ever. Sounds oddly enough, but with the launch of Community Test Environment, DICE has already addressed almost all of the game breaking issues and even started adding cool features like in-depth HUD customization. It's a very recommendable game now.

  2. I feel like both Spyro Enter the Dragonfly and Crash Twinsanity deserved a spot on this list. they are some of THE most broken games that I have ever played, and should be recognized as such.

  3. 5: I have a particular hate for Sonic and the Secret Rings. This is bad too.
    4: I always preferred Batman.
    3: Now that we got Vendetta (formerly Raven's Cry), that is on the list now. At least Dice tried to update Battlefield 4. Raven's Cry didn't.
    2: More like 18 wheels of blunder. This is not broken. It is literally unfinished. And it's awesome. I'm fully convinced Shadowcat drives that truck.
    1: This, on the other hand is just awful… with one minor exception…
    "Cola and meal please no bread…"

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