Weapons of Far Cry 4 Trailer

Meet Longinus. He will provide you with the tools you need to complete your righteous work in Kyrat.

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  1. Ok I loved Far Cry 3 thought it was an Awesome game but really Ubisoft? Using almost the same weapons in a sequel not even COD does that. I was really let down after watching this trailer 🙁

  2. Pls stop bitching over the guns that were in fc3, this is a TRAILER these arent all weapons, there were no snipers no pistols and no grenade launchers the shopowner talked about and i am really confident that those kind of weapons are in the game..

  3. wait what the weapons in a series of games are very similar, they didn't make up random weapons? 0/10 wouldn't buy.

    stfu you jaded, over entitled embarrassments. 

  4. Wow so many weapons to chose from Farcry 3 weapon list can't wait to re-use the same old guns! Fuckin copy n paste actually innovate ubisoft when you make a sequel 

  5. Fuck whats everyone crying for grow a set and open your eyes to the best gameplay on ps4 to date my personal opinion is that farcry 3 was the best game and so will farcry 4 1000% go ubisoft😈

  6. huge fan of the far cry franchise however i expect more in the graphical aspect of this game. Far cry 3 was a huge step up from 2 , imo this doesnt seem to be the "next gen hype" of graphics

  7. These guns have practically no recoil wtf just when the last game made you ridiculously overpowered this one makes it even worse when you make an action centric game you have to make it at least a little challenging or you can beat it ridiculously fast that was the problem I had with far cry 3

  8. Longinus is actually Leon Gakumba from Far Cry 2. After one of the missions you complete for him he talks about  how he was a warlord until he got shot in the head at Goka Falls and survived.

  9. preacher: "would you like to hear the word of Longinus?"
    me: "that depends…will i get that 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?"
    preacher: "it comes standard."
    me: "well come on in"

  10. Wah wah wah, it is just Far Cry 3 with snow, wah wah wah, this is a Far Cry 3 DLC like Blood Dragon, Wah, bitch, whine. Guess what, GOOD. If it ain't broke, don't fucking try to fix it. 

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