Ultimate Cheater's Home – Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Seb and Lucy go about stealing everything they can see, from forges to cows. Kevin gets dressed up in Lord Elrond’s armour, builds his own outpost, and kicks back in the ultimate cheaters home, Levelers Tower.

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  1. I love this show…
    Elrond's armour is actually pretty acurate, including the "horn" on the helmet. His armour is only gold in the hobbit. In LOTR is mostly red with hints of gold.
    Anybody use these mods [any mods, in general] for x-box?

  2. Eldar…? oooooooo some-body should make some 40k zeno armor's like tau suits or nid costumes or eldar, dark eldar ,ork armor, sisters of battle and so on

  3. Lothlorien elves came to help the Rohirim during the battle of helms deep, Noldor are eldar/ high elves who also live in the undying land and rivendell for the most part.

  4. imperial crossbow "oh its got the skyrim logo on it" fuck off everyone who knows the elder scrolls knows what logo that is and if you dont you arnt qualified to do a show on the elder scrolls god its like if kylie jenner hosted and esports event

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