The Evil Within – World WIthin Gameplay Trailer

Check out this trailer for The Evil Within to learn tactics for surviving the evils that lurk this twisted world from the mind of survival horror’s creator, Shinji Mikami.

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  1. I'm SO CLOSE to hitting 1000 subs! I can't believe how much support I'm getting on YouTube! Even though I do get trolls and haters sometimes, MOST of y'all are some cool ass people! If I get this game, I'mma stream it so y'all can enjoy the experience with me! We need games like this to come back because RE6 was basically Call Of Duty Zombies smh

  2. Oh man, it seems like it will be just an average game at best 🙁

    Ever since I heard that Shinji Mikami will be working on it I was really hoping for a good horror game, but well it seems like I still need to wait for it until the release of Silent Hills.

  3. This game looks fantastic so far. The more I see of it the more I'm like "Is it going to be as surprisingly expansive as RE4 was? OR a short but terrifying experience?" Though, when I looked at the Behind the scenes stuff I got excited. Who wouldn't want more RE4?

  4. The controls are a bit clanky and some lines of dialogue are very campy, but The Evil Within is one of my favorite games, ever! The uneasiness of the atmosphere, along with the disturbing enemy design is amazing!

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