The Evil Within Review

The Evil Within is a captivating return to the glory days of survival horror whose various issues keep it just short of greatness.

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  1. I went to GameStop and I asked for this game, the dude told me that this game was gonna be hard, I asked him if it was gonna be dark souls hard or just hard haha

  2. The Story is fucking amazing and a perfect blend between RE4 and SH and it seems to me like the guy playing and reviewing this game was on his cellphone or just not paying attention but the story is like a puzzle and a very interesting one, it's a complete descend into madness and it all make sense in a horrifying way at the end. Really cool concept. 9/10.

  3. It's not a terrible game, but it isn't really survival horror, it really is more about shooting everything in the face and it has a potentially interesting plot that doesn't even actually tell

  4. Honestly this game beats Resident Evil 4 for me. RE4 had a better soundtrack, but in terms of dark atmosphere, combat, difficulty/challenge…its not even close. at the minimum this is an 8

  5. I love the combat and the atmosphere in this game, though the story is a little confusing at first, by the time you complete the game, it all makes sense and ties up nicely, though it has its flaws, its pros outweighs the cons, if you like traditional survival horror games, youl love this one

  6. Come on now, a seven? Really? The Evil Within deserves a 9 and this is coming from someone who strongly agrees with all of your criticisms of it. How many games have they made like this over the past six years?

  7. 9.5 for me it is awesome game playing again (: im on chapter 14 end of this game i ll play dlcs and eventually evil within 2 .

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