The Evil Within – Fight for Life Gameplay Trailer

Discover strategies for surviving the perils of Krimson City in our upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within.

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  1. I really think he purposely wanted the game to look this grunge. And from the looks of it. I like the gritty dark not so polished look. And I personally will be getting this game and enjoying it bc the story looks interesting as fuck.

  2. This game is like a spin off of Dead Rising and Silent Hill i think.
    With the style of SAW mixed with Resident Evil. But I'am pretty sure this game will HIT. coz this game made by Resident Evil Classic Series creator..

    About people who complaining about graphic.. I think.. Classic Graphic.. or This Game Graphic is the best match for Horror Games.. Just see another game guys.. Like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame? And best of the best horror games : Dreadout? They have "S***y Graphic but that game make you piss on your pants. .

  3. Maaaaaaaaaaan I am so existed in this game I looooooooooove survival horror games. I respect people opinion, but why they keep saying the graphics looks bad? It looks good to me. Hopefully I am going to buy it for the PS4.

  4. I am really excited for this game.  So what if the graphics/animations aren't the greatest?  Personally, I think they are just fine.  More importantly, Shinji Freaking Mikami (the guy who brought us RE1-4) is fully involved in this game.  I have a strong feeling that fans of survival horror (and I mean TRUE survival horror, with the emphasis on survival) will really have a blast with this game.  With this, Alien Isolation and the upcoming Silent Hills, it is a fantastic time to be a horror gamer.

  5. guys dont watch these videos if u r going to buy the game for sure like me
    coz then u wont enjoy it coz there wont be surprises
    i did the same mistake with re6
    i watched too many videos b4 it released n so wen i played it i felt as if i have seen many parts of it

  6. played it for 2 hours and honestly it was crap

    – half the enemies make so much noise its easy to tell where they are
    – graphics suck especially if you play on PC there are those god damn black bars you can't get rid of, FPS is locked at 30, texture rendering fails sometimes
    – Gameplay is more or less a stealth action and less about horror survival
    – Story was about as thin as the plot of a Micheal Bay film cuz its more or less oh hey you're a random cop with no backstory exploring some crazy hospital/asylum full of murders and pshycopaths. Yep this sounds like a story I've never heard of before /sarcasm
    – Voice acting is crap

    Overall its a poor mans imitation of Last of Us which I hate to say since this game is sort of like an insult to those who've play Last of Us xD

  7. Best game ever. Shinji Mikami is truly a godfather in making horror games. Please make The Evil Within 2. So happy I beat The Evil Within's AKUMU mode today on my ps4.

  8. sorry to say this but this game really sucks I thought it would stick to slasher horror but its not I was excited when I played the first chapter cuz the chainsaw guy I love my slasher horror but then its gets to the next one it stops I'm like wtf I playing I was hoping to play a slasher horror game but its not so its dumb

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