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Test Chamber – Halo: The Master Chief Collection

We take a quick look at Halo: The Master Chief Collection, specifically Halo 2’s Gravemind level.

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  1. Are people really complaining that they were talking over a cutscene from a decade old game that they have already seen? Also its Halo so who cares about the dialogue? 

  2. You can actually still play the original halo 2 multiplayer now… You use a program on your computer called Xbox Connect that tricks your xbox into think the online system was never shut down for the game… A lot of true halo fans still play it..

  3. In halo CEA when you switch to classic view the sounds stay the same. In this they change, that blew my mind I think I might buy this on release

  4. 4:10 I still have no idea why the Covenant would let a grunt stand in the presence of the hierarchs holding a needler right in front of them – bad security

  5. I was never big into Halo.. was too busy playing Quake 2 when the original came out.. and my later attempts to get into the series just never worked out.. I really wish I could enjoy this series and universe as much as everyone else seems to..

  6. Glad they actually designed a new Cortana model for this one; unlike CE where they lazily used the Halo 3 model. Hopefully the rest of the cast have been given this treatment when they are shown in-game.

  7. I liked halo 2 more for the campaign (especially co-op, the best game to play with a freind thanks to that co-op), But thats probably becuase compelling story in games I find more entertaining than shooting randoms on the internet (and so few games have split-screen) Halo 2 is one of, if not the only franchise where I find multiplayer compelling, because you have to work for the kills it makes skill play in to the equation more. where you place your shots, when to use a grenade, what type of weapon to bring to an engagement (for example use charged plasma agianst that guy in the banshee), cod the kills are so quick, the other player has little to no time to respond making it a game of who sees who first.

    halo 3 and 4 ect also have forge, which makes crazy custom games fun, you can play duck hunt, donky kong, jetpack jumping games, races, it doesn't have to have anything to do with shooting. hell! you could create a freaking puzzle game. the only games that trump halo for multiplayer (in my opinion, ofcourse) are RTS games, like starcraft 2 or BFME2, where every move matters (assuming the game is balanced), but I also enjoy my fast paced action games, also racing games like blur are great split-screen fun.

  8. The graphics hold up surprisingly well for a game that's 2 generations old idk why they complain so much about it. The new graphics aren't even next gen, they could've put this collection on the 360 but were totally told not to in order to sell more Xboners. The graphics wouldnt have changed much between gens, just the framerate.

  9. "I've seen this guy in anime" "OOOOUUJGH gross! what we're you thinking bungie.

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