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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Coverage Trailer

A trailer teasing the month of exclusive content for Resident Evil Revelations 2 that can be found at

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  1. This game is rubbish it's not RE it's COD mix with RE6 but it's more like another RE6 capcom RE is dead it will never be survival horror again you should cancel this game and make RE 2 remake coz your very bad at making new RE games but give it to SHINJI he will make it the best RE 2 remake ever

  2. Wow! lol…everyone rushing to judgment over a very short video. It does sort of look like RE6 mixed with Silent Hill but it is Resident Evil none the less and I must buy it and play it. But I have loved all of the games in this series (except ORC, which was awful). Can't wait to play it!!!

  3. The gameplay looks weird to me. The characters move too fast and turn too wide for those small environments. Plus I really don't believe capcom anymore with delivering "horror". They said the same exact things with RE5, RE6, and RERev

  4. Really looking forward to play this game! Hell yeah Claire's finally back in action! 
    I kind of wonder whether there will be any male protagonist or supporting characters in this Resident Evil game?

  5. I hope this game feels like resident evil game.. Not just survival horror.. Cuz from the gameplay they r shown it looks decent horror game but not original resident evil :/

  6. I think this is an improvement on the franchise. I know everyone hates the action as well but I'm sure they were just trying new things, which I guess kinda got out of hand. I love all the resident evil games mainly because of their stories, not necessarily gameplay. And I'm sure this one has a gripping story as well. I'm so ready for this!

  7. Still does not feel like RE. 
    At least The Evil Within seems to be original. Now RE is just an The Evil Within ripoff. The only thing Capcom is good at, is making infinite RE-RE-REmakes of the first part.

    They should at least make a RE2 Remake.

    PS: Big hammer guy with a mask is done to death.

  8. Does anyone know if the music in this trailer is the Game Informer music or the music that plays in Revelations. I feel like I heard it before on this channel. 

  9. Doesn't look like Claire,hasn't got Claires original voice..might aswell of just brought in a new character as far as i'm concerned.
    Claire is not back 🙁

  10. Well I need a few more games for Next-Gen anyway so I guess I'll give Capcom another shot, and for fuck's sake please don't be crappy, because it doesn't look crappy.

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