Project CARS – Halloween Trailer

Take a look at this Project CARS trailer which throws racers into a thrilling white-knuckled night race to celebrate the Halloween season.

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  1. This was the one game I was waiting for but when I found out that it won't support my logitech wheel I said "fuck this game" what a waste if it doesn't support the most popular wheels on the market!!! But it supports the thrustmaster t80!!! What a joke of a wheel, doesn't even have a clutch pedal!!! WTF!!! My disappointment cannot even be measured!!!
    I'm more than SLIGHTLY MAD!!!

  2. Am I the only one who wants a death race style game? I mean that type of game hasn't been done in years but I think it would be interesting to see on next gen.

  3. what's happening in the game industry? are we going to the hyper real world or already we are??? … this will be a crazy game (all footage from Gameplay????) no attention for driveclub anymore … just zoom on 00:55 min and watch details …  

  4. I cant wait for this game, pissed its not coming till march now i was so looking forward to playing this on xmas day. Loved shift and shift 2 but all we have on the new consoles as far as racing games go are unrealistic arcady racers (except for Forza 5, or as i like to call it Forza 4.2), which are fine and all but i need some next gen sim-racing too and there's nothing else out there.

  5. People "debating" about their systems & computers, trying to keep themselves cool by having formal debates about it and not looking like a fan boy/girl, when deep down they are raging and crying and needing help.

  6. Looking back at this trailer I have to wonder about a few things. 1: Why that 666 livery isn't in the game. 2: Where the hell are all the Mclaren liveries we can see in the trailer asthe blue/yellow (kpax), the sky blue/orange as well as the white/orange/blue (gulf) ones are clearly not included in game. 3: This trailer has footage from the Nürburgring combined track, which makes me wonder why it was released only a month or so ago.

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