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Gameplay Impressions of Resident Evil Revelations 2

Game Informer’s Tim Turi and Kimberley Wallace discuss their hands-on experience with Resident Evil Revelations 2 and how it compares to other entries in the series.

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  1. I just read he article on this game in the monthly mag, and it sounds Awesome. i still have to play the first  revelations. I played the demo but never pulled the trigger. Hopefully there is a sale the week of release for Revelations 2.

  2. Looks great i loved RE revalations 1 but this looks better got the saw and hostel  vibe going on,but im waiting for the disc version myself,Moira berton looks gorgeous.

  3. Coop in this game seems like its going to create a new standard for survival horror. RE6 established part of that with characters having distinct abilities but BUTnot much horror. Revelations 2 looks like a future set up for RE7 solo and co-op set up

  4. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is between Resident Evil 4 and 5 if I don't remember bad.
    It could be: Carla, Annette Birkin, Alexia Ashford (maybe she's back who knows. I hope).. .Excella?

  5. Since this is inbetween 5 & 6 It's a safe bet the woman is either Jessica Sherwatt or Carla Radames….two of the better RE villians since Code Veronica. This'll be an easy buy for me. Looks so promising & hearing their positive impressions is nice.

  6. This voice sounds soo similar like Carla Radames! In RE6 Carla talks a few times through the loud speakers.. calm and poetic such as here!
    The game takes place between RE6 and RE5 in the year 2011.. one year before Marhawa Desire and 2 years after the experiment with her. from the timeline aspect it would make sense! as reason i could imagine that the Family or better said Simmons gave her a mission to stop Claire who maybe find out too mch about the role of the family!
    Right now Carla is also the only female villain who has the opportunity to send a special force team to kidnapp her.
    Annette is dead as well as Alexia and Excella! I can't imagine that capcom bring those characters back again!
    Jessica isn't a real villain she is more like a copy of Ada.
    and in the RE5 files Alex Wesker was mentioned as a male character!
    so i believe that the main villain will be Carla.. i hope that soo much 🙂

  7. I think Moira is afraid of Guns because when Wesker's men put them as hostage maybe she accidentally used a guy and ends up killing her mom or maybe her sister Poly.

  8. Zombies and infected? I side with that they are both different, not the same. Zombies are the living dead: Undead and stupid. Infected have been in contact with chemicals or other infectees (made up word) by a cut, air, contaminated liquids/food, etc. Also possible remnants of brain activity to function.

  9. To me the episodic format is a cash grab, nothing more nothing less. The Story for Resident Evil (this one in particular) is good and large as well as mysterious. There is still to much, at least to me, that won't make the format seem viable. Plus there's the aspect, proving it's a cash grab, that people are going to screwed out of stuff. The season pass (at least from what I've seen) will have special content but the hard disk copy will have all that stuff from the season pass and more. That's at least what I've heard so if that isn't true someone tell me so I can go back to my other way of shooting down the episodic format. The game in itself looks interesting though there are some quirks there I'm not entirely sure on what they might do with them (like the two people and the location/locations).

  10. I love Resisent Evil, but after the excellent Evil Within… This game looks like crap and having a partner who only does finishing moves and holds a flashlight is quite honestly… Stupid. We'll see. If episode one sucks I'm not gonna finish it.

  11. And please capcom stop having zombies with guns that's just a little to far unless you bring in the nemesis with the mini gun I can fully understand but zombies shooting you instead of trying to eat you come on now that's action ftw

  12. But will there be a Raid Mode or Mercenaries mode? That's what I wanna know. Practically a deal breaker for me. Co-op is cool and all, but extra modes keep me coming back.

  13. Bringing back Annette would be stupid. She was barely a villain at all in RE 2. Considering death means absolutely nothing in the series, it wouldn't surprise me who it is.mid say Alexia Ashford is the best bet. She at least has some previous rivalry with Claire.

  14. Essentially forced Co-op, and episodic release structure? Boy, Capcom just cannot get their heads out of their asses. We want to be alone. I don't want to have to play 2 characters. Resident Evil 0 suffered for me in this regard. Episodic releases are just not what I want in Resident Evil. 

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