Far Cry 4 – Welcome to Kyrat Trailer

Check out the lowlands of Kyrat, the animals, the vehicles and more in this trailer for Far Cry 4.

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  1. THIS GAME IS GONNA LOOK LIKE SHIT on Gaystation 4 and CuntsBox one 🙂
    console Peasants see these trailers and they think it's running like that on their console potatoes LOL , that's PC gameplay Footage : D
    stay tuned for a graphics comparison video later :DD

  2. Far Cry 4 looks awesome, and could very well be game of the year.  Far Cry 3 was my second favorite FPS game for the PS3, and I was thrilled to hear it was getting a sequel on the PS4.  It looks like they're keeping most of the fun stuff, and they're definitely adding more gameplay features.  I mean, you feel like freakin RAMBO in Far Cry.  I really can't understand why anybody would not like this game.

  3. I like this game.
    I hope they can give us a real fov option >65 in pc. Because in FC3, my normal view in 90, but 65 when in an animation (eg. cut leather from an animal), and then back to 90. The screen fov jumps from 90, 65, 90, I feel so dizzy that I can only finish half of the game 🙁

  4. What's everyone complaining about,its just like every other game franchise in the history of gaming, they keep all the shit that worked and add a bunch of new mechanics,this shit looks bad ass to me stop being a bunch of whiney hipsters just to try and sound cool cause u hate something it's old

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