Far Cry 4 – Welcome to Kyrat Part 2

Check out the second part of the Welcome to Kyrat series for Far Cry 4.

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  1. And then all this immersion that trailer show will be destroyed by fetch quests and silly minigames and stupid animal  hunting to craft bag because… logic.

  2. So it appears maybe Yuma's got a….thing for Ajay, Pagan's working/blackmailing the woman with the glasses who opens to door and that might lead you to being captured in Yuma's prison. 

  3. It was between this or Unity, so I pre-ordered this. I hope to god I'm not disappointed. I can't handle another heartbreak after Destiny.

  4. It's a safe bet I'll love this game but it would be so cool if the main protagonist isn't a 22 year old fuckwit. I mean I'll love it anyway but if the main guy isn't another Junior Joey Jo-Jo Shabbadoo "Whoohoo Bro" post adolescent shit talking kid in his 20's, that'd be super sweet.

  5. So can we holster our weapons yet? And yes it does matter because it makes the game more immersive. Games like Assassin's creed, WATCH_DOGS, Grand Theft Auto, Fall Out, Skyrim, etc.

  6. while playing Far Cry 4, i saw a bird standing in the sky, i was watching that, then a tiger came out from nowhere and teabag-ed me 

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