Far Cry 4 – Survive Kyrat Trailer

You might be afraid, you might be petrified, but will you survive the madness of Kyrat in Far Cry 4?

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  1. At first I was afraid
    I was petrified
    Thinking I can't live
    without you by my side
    thought i couldn't live
    when i saw that honey badger
    then i saw the tiger
    then i i i i ran towards the tiger
    and i i i i will surviveeee
    without its life to give
    with my life to live i will
    not go towards
    theeee honnnney badddger

  2. I am here on FC5 launch, and I don't get what happened 3 y ago when everyone is mad. This game was excellent, close to 3, true, but it had a beautiful story, scenery and it played nice. Whaddup?

  3. I completed this game 2 years ago, almost every thing , every mission, I m living this trailer , Goosebumps, One of the Most epic games every player, the sound tracks, story, Scenes, gameplay, everything was Legendary

  4. For me Far cry 4 is still the best in the series..its one beautiful journey, almost felt like a movie. The setting, the music, the art everything was bang on.. and the shangri-la sequences were a sight to behold. I really hope they do same with fc6 coz fc5 was disappointing for me.

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