Evolve – Savage Goliath Trailer

Check out the Savage Goliath, the fourth playable monster character, in this trailer for Evolve.

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  1. All those pre-orders… To make sure you will pay a game even if it is not good… Wait for the reviews and to try it on a store people! Crazy how the industry is changing fast.

  2. For everyone not to be confused by gamespots fuck up description this is not the third or fourth playable monster its just a skin for goliath

  3. Great, now companies aren't even waiting for release day to announce that paying FULL price for a game on release day doesn't actually get you the FULL game.  Can we gamers please stop letting them get away with this shady business?

  4. I'm pretty sure they messed up in the description, when you pre-order you get the savage goliath skin AND the 4th monster for free– when it comes out (and I also get a code for some re-skins of hunter weapons, not sure if its exclusive to Amazon though)

  5. People these days,
    1st Monster: Goliath
    2nd Monster: Kraken
    3rd Monster: Wraith
    4th Monster: Behemoth

    Also Behemoth isn't coming out as soon as the game is released its just like a season pass, you 'pre-order' it so when it comes out you get it straight away 🙂

  6. i like the skin. Good for a more aggressive style, and you don't try to hide in the bushes a lot. I really can't wait for a Wraith skin to come out. I'm so hoping they do a "Lady in White"

  7. Ok, I get it Goliath looks cool. But why in god's name would I want to be almost a glowing red? Too easy to see. That being said please don't make camo skins for the monsters ( I will fucking destroy you if you do )

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