Dragon Age: Inquisition – PC Trailer

Check out the PC trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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  1. Yay now the pc bitches can shut the fuck up about bioware making the game for consoles. Thank god too because they're worse than us console fanboys with their fucking stupid"pc master race" bullshit.

  2. Yeah, BioWare, after what you pulled with Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 and ToR, there isn't a chance in hell I'm buying any game of yours.

    You're not even worth pirating.

  3. I won't be surprised if EA takes over with Origin, and steam drops out, to be honest, i still rather steam more, because i think that their services are better, and i have a whole lot of games on steam. I disliked Origin much when they made BF3 exclusive to it, and the idea that any game published for the PC by ea will also then be exclusive to Origin…. Having to deal with origin, steam uplay etc, too many third party sources, this is why gaming on the PC is fragmented! 

    However, origin has truly gotten way better over the pass few years, and they are headed in a direction where steam would not, but only would after Origin has become more used, for the fear of losing their steam users. However, for origin to make that jump, and convince many people, they'd have to have a PC exclusive hit where you can only get it via origin, with people consuming time playing this hit title, and getting more used to origin, steam will die!

  4. it's annoying that they make so few stand alone, single player games.  everything is MMORPG since they know they can charge you the same price for the software then get $15/month out of you.  i really hate online games.

  5. So basically, they are hyping up stuff you expect to find on a PC version anyway. Did I miss something? o_O
    When I buy a port for a particular platform I expect stuff to work flawlessly with the controls and hardware given but maybe thats just me XD

  6. The fact that a trailer like this exists is telling.PC gamers constantly want their ego stroked and companies are catching on.

    You won't find a trailer saying"I've been playing on console for 30 years so yeah…I totally like consoles and such,preorder now please"


  7. No, no and no! As a long time PC player I can say: This game has the distinct console stench. I'll definitely buy the game and enjoy it, but seriously? C'mon Bioware, who do you think you are fooling with this shit? "Built for PC!" Pffff

  8. PEASANTS! Why do you not understand that us PC users are only trying to help you! We simply want you to ascend, to be in a better place! Lord Gaben will convince you he forgives sin, you are all corrupted by Microsoft and Sony. My brothers, ascend back to the MASTERRACE I will meet you all there to discuss a plan on how to convert the console users to the light.

  9. lol @ people complaining about Origin when it's almost better than Steam, save for the part that EA owns it. Hell, it's actually better, in some cases.

  10. 2 questions: 

    "the combat-hud was specificaly created for pc"

     ….and why do i only see 8 actionbar slots then ? last time i checked even DA2 had 38 slots and don't tell me that we don't need more, cause i sincerely hope that i will end up feeling the need to use more than 8 skills at any given time.

    second one: 

    show us the menus and how we'll navigate them. maybe it's just me but i don't want the same crap console players have to put up with.

  11. Oh my… What is happening to this industry. I remember back in the day I didn't know half of the six games releasing that year even existed. Bought one or two based on the 3 pictures off the back of the box and a summary of what the game was about. Or an article that made it into Nintendo Power.

  12. LOL
    that shield that the dude had in the background, along with the inquisition armor and such is the one that they had at PAX back when dragon age origins was a new thing
    i knew i recognized it lol, if you look up "brad is a grey warden" you can see it, they gave it to people who won the demo so they could pose in front of the dragon and take pictures

  13. This Game uses the Denuvo DRM !
    Based on my experience with Lords of the Fallen the performance will be crap. 
    So much for that, thanks EA 

  14. Haha, flat out lies, PC port, yes port, is horrendous, as controls and key-mapping are terrible!

    To name a few design flaws, no auto-attack, no click up move,  no click to pick up, can't zoom out far enough, inventory system is for controller….will never buy a controller and I won't be buying another Bioware game, that is certain.

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