Barn Location Guide – Forza Horizon 2

Find out simple directions to 10 barns in Forza Horizon 2 to get your hands on Maserati Birdcage, Alfa Giulia TZ, Renault Alpine A110, Lamborghini Miura and more.

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  1. DriveClub: Metacritic score 77-79/100, sales: 1.5 million

    Forza Horizon 2: Metacritic score 86/100, sales 0.9 million

    Driveclub has outsold Forza 2…….BUT! Forza 2 has better reviews soooooooo…..Driveclub looses this one.

  2. you cut the west san martin one in front of a house not the barn… thanks for making me search for another 10 minutes

  3. How do you actually get your cars out of the barns? Every-time it says my car is ready and I go back to pick it up I can't. Is it in your inventory automatically?

  4. Why do people try and justify which system is better. They both have pros and cons, i like the xbox controller and the exclusives more than ps4 but other than that theyre the same lol

  5. How to you get them to show up on the map cause I am level 23 and I dont see any and I went to the first one and still couldn't see it

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